Upgrade from Apple’s Minimalist Design with a Stylish Decal

It’s almost impossible to calculate the amount of time, money, effort Apple put into perfecting their brand’s design. Their now classic minimalism was chosen by Steve Jobs to afford its devices a simplicity that would make them intuitive and easy to use. But let’s face it – there’s one thing that Apple’s design fails to do. Now that it has become a popular computer, phone, and watch manufacturer, it has no individual style. If you want to make more of a statement about who you are with your devices, you need to invest in a fashionable accessory like a vinyl skin to pick up the slack.


A vinyl skin is the same as a decal, in that it’s a thin piece of material that covers your MacBook and displays to the world your chosen design. Some manufacturers take their task of providing interesting designs very seriously. Manufacturers like dbrand hire dedicated designers to create the coolest looking skins. When you check out the new dbrand MacBook decals, you can see they come in a variety of colors and textures that are as about as different from Apple’s signature style as you can get – which means you’re no longer stuck with the factory white or silver models.

Upgrading your MacBook from a boring silver to a loud and proud pink neon carbon fiber decal won’t just let you express your individuality while using one of the most wildly owned laptops in the world. MacBook decals also moonlight as a protective covering, so you can keep your computer safe from harm. You may be surprised by the durability of this vinyl as it absorbs the impact of sharp edges and rough surfaces – objects that would otherwise take a bite out of your laptop. With a MacBook skin affixed to your computer, you don’t have to worry about any scratch or scuff marking up its touchpad or chassis.

MacBook decals are perfect for the person on the go, who’s constantly taking their laptop with them around town. With one wrapped around your precious laptop, you don’t have to worry that it’s sharing a bag with our keys or loose change. But better yet, with your hand-picked color and texture combination, you’ll have the most singular MacBook in your neighborhood. Check out the decals available online made by the designers at dbrand. They’re perfect way to create a design that’s a little less Apple and a lot more you.

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