Unexpected Things to do in Melbourne.

Melbourne, Australia is a city absolutely full of unexpected twists. The night life is enticing, with much of the action taking place on the rooftops or in the phenomenal eureka skydeck where you can step out over the city below, or experience a startling green screen computer generated experience that will challenge your senses and push your fear of heights to it’s maximum.  The number of things to do in Melbourne that are off the beaten path, exquisitely hidden in back alleys and otherwise only seen by those willing to take a bit of an adventurous approach to vacationing.

When planning a vacation here it might be a good idea to speak to a travel agent, or book a day trip that includes the laneways and city center. A good guided tour will show you where the otherwise hidden shops, clubs and restaurants are located so you can decide where you want to explore later. Some of the most unique and quirky stores are found steps from the beaten path and are very easy not to notice. This is the home of the sultry bar, beatnik coffee shops and artsy boutiques full of authentic local crafts, vintage clothes, and other specialty items. A little research ahead of time will ensure you find just the right area for items and experiences you desire. These backstreets are also rich with local street art and the graffiti walls are a special experience all their own.

Though there are lots of touristy things to do in Melbourne as well. Some of the most splendid day tours take you a bit outside the area and into the Yarro valley where you can ride a train through the beauty of the vineyard dotted countryside, ride a hot air balloon over the fields of grapes and enjoy tastes of the many rich wines available from local vineyards. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy a high-end meal made from delicious local ingredients. Fulfill your desire for romance with a wine tour and then spend a luxurious night in a five star hotel.

For the family minded, there are lots of things to do in Melbourne that are within walking distance of the city center. Whether wandering the park like gardens, by the waterfront, or enjoying the delicious snacks and shops of the farmers market, the family is sure to enjoy spending the day wandering. There is also a wonderful zoo that is big enough to fill an entire day of enjoyment. The zoo even offers an overnight option in an old elephant pen that has been converted to provide a camping area for zoo goers.

These are just a few of the many things Melbourne has to offer for those looking for a unique place to spend their vacation dollars. There is something here for everyone and lots of wonderful and unexpected opportunities for travelers to experience less than ordinary tourist experiences. To get the vacation of your dreams, you have to be willing and ready to step outside of the ordinary, off the beaten path, and into the back alley where some of the best and least know opportunities exist.



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