Udemy: The New Leader In Online Education

With the recent success of online education over the past years, it’s not remarkable to see a immese amount of new online educational providers of educational opportunities for the career-focused professional. Companies such as EduCause and EDx have been making headlines in the MOOC-category (Massive Open Online Course), which follows the old collegiate model of weekly lectures and assignments. Respectively, new skill-specific technology-based education upstarts are emerging in tandem, giving higher education even more disruption. One of those disruptors, Udemy, has been growing its course catalogue every day, offering online courses taught by indy professors around the world on a shared revenue model. The success of the company has sparked interest from angel investors too, as Udemy recently closed on its $65 million round led by Insight Venture Partners.

Elisabeth Anderson

Its class members are getting their respective attention as well. Featured student Elisabeth Anderson of Sloughouse, CA and John Anthony Radosta of Advanced Sports Technology  both personify Udemy student success stories that span the entire world. According to their bio, each encountered their own unique issues when seeking to further their education while balancing an already full-time position.

Some of the top colleges around the globe have responded deliberately to this technology-based educational movement. Harvard Business School announced the release of the online-based HBX CORe, dubbed as the “pre-MBA” program that students receive course credit and a ‘certificate of readiness’ upon finishing. With the mom-and-pop retail being disrupted by online retailers such as Google Shopping and Shopify, it’s not surprising traditional campus-style university of our forefathers is now being disrupted by remotely accessible online offerings.

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