Typing Lessons for Beginners 

Before starting any typing lessons for beginners, let talk a bit about the typing history.  The history of typing dates 1866 by Christopher Sholes, an American mechanical engineer. He invented the modern typewriter with the support of his business partners Samuel Soule and Carlos Glidden. It took another five years of experimentation to produce an improved and practical version of the typewriter which was further modified to make it user friendly.

Sholes typewriter introduced the concept of a keyboard and it used a type-bar system, however the problem with Sholes typewriter was that the keys jammed frequently. His business associate James Densmore suggested splitting the keys for commonly used letters. This slowed down the typing but became the basis of a standard ‘qwerty’ keyboard. However the initial models of the typewriter were not an instant success and it took a few years of research by the engineers working for Philo Remington to design the improvements vital for its market appeal.

Now with electric typewriters which allow proportional spacing of keys, typing took on a whole new level and was used extensively in offices. The invention of computers has forced the typewriters to take a back seat in the modern times, but the art of typing has become even more important. Typing is a mandatory skill for all the people who work on computers. A few years back it was acceptable to use a ‘Hunt-and-peck’ typist, but with use of computers in each and every department, you are expected to be as fast as your computer and cannot afford to waste time. That why you need typing lessons for beginners.

There are many online typing lessons for beginners available which teach fast typing. A fast touch-typist can type an average of 60 words per minute. Since he is aware of the positioning of keys on the keyboard he can manage even the editing jobs faster. With the help of typing lessons and continuous practice you can improve your typing speed at least 3-5 times. This increases your chances of success in the office or with your studies. There are typing games available on the net which offer free tests and practice typing skills.

Start the typing lessons for beginners at your comfort level and gradually move towards the higher levels. Keeppractising constantly to build up speed. You should try to use both your fingers for faster typing. With good typing skills you can surely complete your work faster and it is a vital skill for most efficient use of time and resources.

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