Types of Hijab Material

Most of the women who wear hijab, they will ask some question that the hijab is made from what material. Today, many available hijab beautiful and elegant, but we also need to know what material is used. Different types of cloth was very instrumental in supporting our appearance in the view creation hijab.

grosir jilbab

The following types of material for the hijab and their characteristics:
Cotton Hijab

The advantages of this material is comfortable to wear. It can be used everyday. Care based cotton hijab style is also very easy. While weakness is a material made from cotton can not be formed into various creations because the material is a bit thick.

Chiffon Hijab

This material is most often used to make hijab. This type of fabric made from raw material mixture between cotton fiber, silk and synthetic fibers. This type of hijab fabric has properties of thin, slippery and rather hot when used for a material hijab if there is no other combination in the design of the hijaber itself. Nonetheless fabric hijaber is pretty much enjoy doing by women because it is lighter.

Hycon Hijab

If the glimpses seen physically fabric with this material was not seen in contrast to the type of chifon hijab, it is more difference slippery than the fabric hycon, that material properties in comparison with the softer types of chiffon.

Lycra Spandex Hijab

Spandex is a synthetic fiber types are known to have better elasticity of spandex rubber.Kain can reach the level of elasticity to pull up to 100 %. Spandex hijabs are comfortable using the materials used, the material is fairly easy to maintain and is also quite easy in the washing process, only the regular wash and dry it in the sun. This material is not hot to use and very flexible. This type of hijab fabric of many kinds and the most interesting part of this type of fabric shiny effects, although not all types of fabric spandex has a shiny effect.

Spandex fabric also has many kinds of them:
1. Shirt Spandex (stretch, cheaper, faster hairy, the material falls and cold),
2. Lycra Spandex (better known by the name of Lycra). Having high elasticity properties, more robust and resilient to high heat iron, shortage of material is lycra material does not absorb sweat, slippery material, stretch and is usually applied to material inner ninja, clothes or subordinate).

Silk Hijab

The excess of silk hijab is comfortable to wear and heat. It easy to set up a variety of creations as soft texture, can be used everyday, its material is also suitable for use when a beautiful party. While the weakness is, wrinkle silk, sometimes faded coloring, treatment should also be extra careful so that durable.

Polyester Hijab

Hijab polyester material does not easily tangle, can be used everyday or party, and easy maintenance. But the shortcomings of this material is hot and sultry when worn especially during hot weather, in addition to the polyester veil is also rather difficult to be created because the texture tends to be rigid. But polyester georgete is different, it is very comfortable to wear, easy to set up and adjust all weather.

Rayon Hijab

Hijab made from rayon has advantages cool/cold if used, seem casual, can be used for daily. While shortcomings easily tangled, sometimes washed out, and rapidly cause the less savory aroma because it is easy to absorb sweat. Better not use hoods made from rayon to go to the beach or when carrying children.

Jersey Hijab

It made from jersey shirt and sometimes it used to make in a t-shirt or dress. It feels cold and comfortable to hijaber if they use than lycra and spandex.

Voile Hijab

This type of hijab fabric has properties similar to the material hycon veil, that is the same, both have a smooth and gentle nature, the material is soft and smooth so it is quite comfortable to use during the day and it is must use the inner, though this type of fabric veils fibers are not flexible, so that the neck is rather difficult to set up because it is not flexible earlier, this type of veil fabric made of cotton, but some are using basic materials rayon, silk or polyester. In addition to the above materials currently many modern grosir jilbab also apply other materials such as fabrics twiscone, etc.

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