Which type of the followers you want?

Twitter is such a huge social media where everyone is engaged and they are having an open plate form to upload their views it’s not that limited as Facebook is that is why it’s considerably a good media. It’s not that personal as Facebook is. Facebook is just been limited to your friends and family but on twitter, you are making your own identity. Well, it’s right of everyone to have their own identity and to enhance the social credibility you need followers. As much you will be having your followers more the chances you have of social credibility. It’s such social media where you can tweet with anyone without knowing him/her. You can increase the number of followers artificially you just need to follow a huge number of people and just wait for them to follow you and who will not follow you back you can unfollow them as well.

A lot of companies are working on this base also. and now if you are aggressively willing to have a great number of followers then you have to consult with such companies who are selling twitter followers. You may buy twitter followers online. Different companies provide such facility. And they are providing followers on different conditions and followers are off different type here I will describe few

1 : Zombie followers

2 : Targeted followers

3 : Followers by followers

So, let’s discuss them which type of the followers these are

  • Zombie followers are those followers who are inactive followers who are just like dummies and the companies provide such accounts in the form of bulk they will never be seen active it may have an advantage that people might start following you after checking the number of your followers but will also be having a disadvantage that your real followers might be having bad impression of your after this sudden increase and they will notice such inactive accounts.
  • Some of the companies provide you targeted followers. They are active followers and after buying such followers you can get in touch with such followers who will b in your desired area and can promote you there in your place. These are expensive followers indeed and if we will talk about a musician and he is having his program and he have already bought targeted followers by this now he is able to tweet them about their concerns and invite them to come there and can get more chances of his social credibility.
  • Followers by followers means some of the companies provide you a great number of followers on a condition that you have to follow them back. It’s their condition and on this basis, you may increase the number of followers. Later on you and your followers can tweet with each other and can make more followers by those who are the followers of your followers or vice versa.

Now it up to you that you want to buy the followers or you want to make a number of followers with your own identity whatever if its time taking but its long lasting as well. So now it is all up to you people whether you want to buy twitter followers, Vine followers or not. Which type of the followers you want?

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