How to Turn Your Hobbies into Careers

What better way to spend your career than doing something that you love? Unfortunately there are very few people in the World who are doing a job that they love and this life is not a fun one. I can’t tell you how many friends I have who spend their days at work counting down the seconds until they can get home and spend Sunday nights miserable because they have to go back to work on Monday. I you want to avoid this then the good news is that if you’re smart and work hard, you can turn you hobby into a career, don’t believe me? Read on to see just some hobbies that can easily be turned into money making professions.


 For many writing is a great hobby to practice when they are relaxing in the house, in the past many thought that this would only ever be hobby as becoming an author or gaining a job in journalism was always pretty tough. Thanks to the internet however, everyone who likes to write can find work. Creating a blog is simple and can be a great money-maker, there are also thousands of jobs online that call for freelance writers and lots of websites who will connect you with those jobs.

Playing an Instrument

 Playing an instrument is the ultimate hobby yet few who play realistically consider a career in the music business. Guitarist Tom Hess has recently been speaking about this and he states that with a bit of hard work and a touch of luck, working in the music industry is easily attainable. You don’t necessarily need to write a hit song in order to work in music you could be a session musician, a producer, get a place in an orchestra amongst a number of other great careers that the music industry can provide.


 If you have dreams of being a fashion designer or any other type of designer then you will know that there are very few jobs out there for this sort of thing. If you want to get a job in this industry then you are going to need to have unique and exciting designs that interest people, you will also need to network very well to make as may friends as you can in the industry. One of the best ways to get your designs out there and make some money is to open an online shop, websites like eBay and Amazon give you the opportunity to open up your very own online store where people can see and buy your designs, this can not only make you some money but also it could potentially land you a future job.

These are just some of the ways in which you can turn your hobby into a career but there are plenty out there, much of the opportunity exists on the internet and if you have something that you are truly passionate about then it would make sense that you investigate all possible ways of making money from it.

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