Are you looking to dispose off your old truck?

Then you have come to the right point!!

We are a specialist Truck Recycler and Wrecker, established with in the Melbourne city, Australia and provide the backbone to all your transportation needs.

The capabilities Truck Wreckers Melbourne participated in are best as compared to other wreckers. There is truck to suit any recommend that you could believe off. Moreover we protect our customers from stolen, illegally rebuild or modified trucks and other vehicles and provides pleasant trucks to satisfy our customer’s need.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Why Truck Wreckers Melbourne?

There are hundreds of truck wreckers nowadays. Unfortunately, most of them are fraud firms and cheat innocent buyers with the aid of taking their old trucks and other vehicle scraps by paying them less amount as compare to the market rates. But Truck Wrecker Melbourne assures the legitimacy and a fair deal and offers up to $15000 cash for old trucks along with free truck removal service. From small to large they deal in all makes and models like Tata, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda etc and offers handsome amount for old trucks.

From Mornington Peninsula to Geelong they offer best services and provide reasonable exchange to prevent unfair transactions. So those who are looking to sell their old unwanted tucks and want to earn reasonable amount against them, contact truck wreckers Melbourne! Their service includes the following:

  • FREE TRUCK REMOVAL: They provide their customers the best time saving and free truck removal service. Without any hassle you can get rid of the inconvenience created by your old truck, just by making a single call to their team.


  • HANDSOME AMOUNT AGAINST OLD TRUCKS: Truck wrecker Melbourne provides their valuable customers instant cash at the time of deal after completing the necessary formalities. Most of the truck wreckers cheat their customers by paying fewer amounts for their old trucks. Truck Wrecker Melbourne paid as high as $15000 to their customers for the old trucks with free removal service.


  • SCRAP TRUCKS: If you want to get rid of the scrap of your old truck, contact us, we’ll pay cash against the scrap. According to the condition of scrap we gives our customers reasonable amount as compared to other truck wreckers.


So, without wasting your time get your cash today by selling old truck within minutes, just by making a single call.  Our professional team is always ready 24 hours a day to give their best services and without any hassle helps you to dispose off your old truck by paying you cash for the scrap on the spot!

You can call us at 0476 444 222 or you can also contact us through sending an email at

Now Truck Wrecker Melbourne makes it easy and convenient for you to recycle your old vehicles. Their vehicle removal service is free, whether it is at your home or at your office and offers you to receive best reward from their cash paid to you against the scrap.



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