How to Trigger Sales through Effective Pamphlets

Brochures and pamphlets are one of the oldest marketing methods to get the word out about your business, services or announcements. They can be produced in large quantities economically and they do a good job of spreading information in one go.

Interesting fact: Although the difference between pamphlets and brochures is trivial, there are disagreements to their definitions and functionality. In general, pamphlets are meant to contain specific information about a product or service, while brochures, although they do almost the same, are meant to advertise a range of products and services. They also come in thicker paper and folded, like a tri fold brochure.

Triggering sales requires an attractive design of the pamphlets such that it appeals to a reader at the first glance and they follow it through to make a sale.

Design the Pamphlet for AIDA

AIDA stands for ‘Attention, Interest, Desire and Action’. An effective pamphlet gets attention of the prospect and maintains it enough to read further, step-up their desire for the product or service and take an action about it, such as call the number given, make an appointment or visit the website. Brochures can do exactly the same using the many brochure design templates available to you that are designed specifically to make them alluring to a prospect through the use of elaborate graphic design and brochure layouts.

Headline and Offer

A compelling headline that stands out is the first thing people notice in your pamphlet. When written well, headlines captivate the audience and draw the prospects in to read the rest of the message. Effective headlines also play into your prospect’s emotions and combine that element with the presentation of your offer to make a powerful impact. The offer is the most fundamental component to your pamphlet’s success. If not in the headline, make sure it is in the front-and-center and in the first paragraph of the body copy. People prefer to look at the offer first before proceeding to read about the rest of your product and service.

Features and Benefits

The body copy should contain all the facts and benefits of your product or service written in a concise manner. Performance claims should be backed up with supporting evidence preferably in the form of statistics, charts, testimonials and quotes.

Call to action

The end of every pamphlet must contain a call-to-action message that reminds your audience of the great deal you’re offering, and urge them to take action immediately. Provide multiple response channels such as telephone, e-mail, website and the physical location so the prospects can respond in whatever way they’re most comfortable with.

Quality Matters

A professional finish is integral to a successful brochure. An outstanding pamphlet is normally printed on high-quality gloss or matte finish paper using vivid inks and made by state-of-the-art printing presses. There are a number of online printing services offering high-quality pamphlet printing that use thousands of pamphlet designs and also allow you to customize pamphlets online depending on your requirements.


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