Traffic tickets: Negotiating the cheapest route

As anyone who has been pulled over for speeding will testify – it’s not just the cost of the ticket that heaps financial pressure onto you.

As well as this inconvenience, we’re talking about possible hikes in insurance. These can last for years and end, meaning that the increase in cost can be substantial.

It’s for this reason that the likes of David J Turlington, and other similar professionals, are so in-demand when it comes to traffic offences. Many see their assistance as an investment and while not all cases will be dropped, you might be able to net a reduction in the fine which can still be a huge win.

Bearing this in mind, what are the routes available to you? Whether you are going alone, or using a traffic lawyer as we have just discussed, let’s take a look at some of the options which are open to you.

Co-operation can help in you in the long-run

Amid the frustration of receiving a ticket, it can be very easy to lose your cool with the officer who is dealing with your case.

While this might seem like an obvious piece of advice, we’re still going to put it out there. Studies have shown that those drivers who are co-operative, and at the very least polite, have more chance of a ticket being dropped than those who aren’t. As we’ve said this is a tip which is bordering on the obvious, but the number of rude drivers in these situations is high and suffice to say, the chances of their ticket being dropped are much lower.

If given the choice, go to traffic school

This piece of advice isn’t going to be relevant for every state, but more and more are allowing drivers to register for traffic school if they receive a ticket. This is an approach which has worked wonders in other countries, which has seen the reoffending rate for driving offences drop hugely for those individuals who have visited a school.

In terms of helping you with the financial implications of a ticket, most of the time points will not be credited to your record if you go for this route. Sure, you’ll have to pay the upfront cost of the course, but when compared to the insurance hikes this is going to be significantly less.

It’s worth mentioning that different states also have slightly different laws in relation to driving school. Many have restrictions on the number of times you can complete the course, meaning that if you happen to be a serial offender you can’t keep revisiting in a bid to keep points from your record. However, for the odd offence, this can be a huge money-saver for you.

Don’t be afraid to challenge

The final piece of advice we’ll offer, and the one that could be the most beneficial, is don’t be afraid to challenge your ticket.

You will be surprised at the number of tickets which have to be dropped due to a technicality; including something as trivial as the officer citing the wrong statute on the ticket.

Additionally, you can just ask for a reduction or for it to be dropped. It’s in these cases where a lawyer can be especially useful, but again it’s not unheard of for an individual to succeed alone.

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