Traditional Salwar Suits turns trendy and chic – Indian women’s pride

India and Indian women and reminds one immediately of their lively apparel that comes with a traditional touch. India is a land of various celebrations and traditions and so are her colorful traditional attires which perfectly set the frame of mind of each festivity. Salwar suits and salwar kameez are amongst these traditional outfits that highlight the custom and rituals. How beautiful these women and girls look when they are all decked up for occasions in their colorful clothing, all ready to celebrate. Each occasion along with the different outfits have their individual significance.

Salwar Suits

Popularity next to sari

Though saris are more popular amongst young and elder women, salwar kameez too stands in the line of being a well- admired piece of everyone’s wardrobe. For centuries, women from northern India and other Muslim countries have worn the salwar suit and it comes second in terms of popularity for traditional attires.  This garment does have a very traditional and rooted look, but over the years the fashion industry has stepped in and made a few changes and modifications giving it a trendy and hip twist.

A typical salwar suit comprises of the following-

  • Variety in fabric material
  • Length
  • Cuts
  • Patterns

Revamp of the salwar suits by designers

Designer salwar suits are more enhanced and look classier, fashionable and more appealing. A classy designer piece is what every woman wants as the fit and cut is just perfect as they are custom-made. There are five broad classifications under the designer pieces and it is important to know about them. First is the anarkali style, second is the usual knee-length style which is a favorite piece amongst all the ladies as they are very non-fussy and can be worn during casual occasions as well as on parties those which have some heavy-work on them, third is the short style which looks very hip and trendy and have come a long way since the swinging sixties, they are very retro and lend a groovy look to the personality; fourth is the Pakistani salwar style which looks very elegant yet fashionable as designers redefine the radiance of this garment; and last but not the least is the bridal salwar suits which comes with an extremely gorgeous use of fabrics, threadwork, sequins etc as it the most important attire for a North Indian bride.

Flaunt your beauty in an exclusive designer piece

So instead of waiting just grab on a designer piece and flaunt the beauty that you are a woman. Due to the comfort this garment provides, women of all ages and generations like to wear it and choosing the best piece may be a little tough job but adds a class to your personality. Change in the latest trends leads to change in the designs, patterns and use of fabrics and makes the assortment wider for you. The best thing about these garments is that though they are ethnic they can be worn in all seasons and any kind of functions.

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