Trading binary options: A viable financial option

The surge in the popularity of binary options has been mainly due to the fact that it’s the most reliable and efficient way of earning profits from financial industry in the shortest possible time. Its counterpart Forex trading has more to lose in case if a trade goes wrong. No leverage exists in the case of trading binary options. All it takes is calculated and analyzed decisions which can return sixty percent to three sixty percent of profits in a matter of hours. Binary options trading is the fastest surging and expanding financial product in the market as of yet.

With the help of internet, trading binary options has been further simplified. There are plethora of brokers on the internet offering their services and key analysis of the binary assets.

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Selecting high and low

1: The high option means that value of the given asset will climb upwards and exceed the target price. The trader on the basis of analysis and current trends will select high.

2: If the value of the asset declines, the trader will select low. This is due to the fact that, asset’s value will decline beneath target price.

Commence trading binary options

The trade operates in three steps after the deposit is made:

  • The trader has to select from a range of stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.
  • The trader then chooses the value of the asset and its inclination/ declination.
  • The sum to invest is decided and trading commences.

The expiry time of the asset ranges from hours, week to a month. It depends on the kind of asset. The payouts are already known to the trader as are the losses. Since the payouts are predetermined, hence losses can’t exceed than the anticipated amount. Certain binary options brokers also return 15% of the investment on the account of losing a trade. It’s termed as ‘out of the money’.

There are strategies which can be applied for winning consistently in binary options trading. However, no method and analysis technique guarantees success as the trader’s own instincts must be taken in consideration. These methods include:

  • The touch strategy
  • Bollinger bands
  • MACD indicator strategy
  • Trend line trading strategy
  • Moving average strategy
  • Price channel strategy
  • Reversal strategy
  • Mirror trading
  • Fading
  • Scalping
  • Daily pivots

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Assets: susceptibility to events

Assets have different trends and all assets have diverse in nature. For instance, the US Dollar rises in value when it becomes strong, while Gold and Silver can decline in value. Some currencies are very vulnerable to oil price variations. Canada enjoys the price of the rising Canadian dollar when crude oil prices rise. Whereas, Japan which heavily imports oil tends to observe a decrease in the value of Yen when oil prices soar. Thus, predicting the asset’s nature goes a long way in profiting from it.

Then, the trader should be intimate with the current events occurring across the world. Political, economic, social, weather and such factors may vary the asset’s price. The government’s decisions and financial institutions can also shape the asset’s value.

Bulls and bears

The binary options traders must be involved with recent trends and work accordingly. The call option is for the bullish market whereas the put option is for the bearish market.

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