Touch Typing: An easy Beginner’s Guide

Computer is slowly becoming the central part of our life these days. Almost all our crucial office work requires usage of Computer. For using computer effectively, one must be pro at typing because honestly if you can’t type fast you will complete your entire computer related task embarrassingly late. But don’t worry, if you are looking forward to enhance your typing speed and make all the typing experience error free, this website and its free courses is all you need to know.  Touch typing, is really easy and only needs practice.

What is my typing speed?

For the beginners, it is advised to test their typing speed first, so that they will have an idea about how fast they write, not just that you can also monitor your progress on daily basis once you start practicing.

What does the term “touch typing” means?

At the beginning, all typists have a tendency of looking while writing. Touch typing is a most professional approach towards typing in which you don’t look for the next word and you type only by looking at the screen. After vigorous practicing you learn automatically where to place your fingers on keyboard. Using specific fingers for specific keys will slowly lead you towards touch typing. After even first practice you will find typing much smoother.

In this particular software, there are two ways a typist determines which key to press, either the next key to be pressed appears in yellow color or it appears in bold letter on screen and you just have to type it. The number of typing mistake is highlighted in red color and mentioned at one side of the screen.

What is the ideal typing speed?

The ideal typing speed for a typist is anywhere from 45 to 90 words in a minute. This might not seem possible for the beginners but with months of practice you can upgrade your typing speed. The beginners usually have a speed of 10 words per minutes. You can always check your progress in the statistics section of the online software.

Is it ok if I don’t perform all the exercises?

Yes, it is not necessary for the typist to perform all the exercises. In fact you will find your typing experience smooth after performing few exercises that the website offers.

What is the age limit for the course?

Well it is an online free of cost course so, people belonging to any age can perform it. The site provides touch typing lessons for adults and for kids as well. Because, to be honest typing is as crucial for kids as it is for us these days. With all their school projects and assignment it is better for the kids to learn fast and smooth touch typing at young age.


Most fellows among us use only two fingers to type. But, do you know a keyboard requires us to use all 10 of our fingers? With this online course, you will soon be able to type like professional typist with a typing speed of 90 words per minute. This article is written with an aim of guiding the beginners about touch typing and some typing tips that they should keep in mind.

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