The Top Three Reasons why You Need to Focus on Construction Site Cleanliness

If you’ve ever heard a contractor say that a construction site is, by nature, a dirty place, then you may have been dealing with a contractor who doesn’t have enough experience yet. At the very least, you’ve been talking to a contractor who hasn’t had the time to cultivate efficient habits. The truth is that you can tell a lot about the efficiency of a construction site just by checking whether it is clean or not. A clean construction site is organised, saves money, doesn’t waste time, operates safely, and is led by a person who understands what construction is all about. Not convinced? Here are the top three reasons why you need to focus on construction site cleanliness.


Safety first

 It should go without saying that a clean construction site is a safer construction site – there is a big difference between a place where nails, glass, stones, and steel rods are scattered left and right, and a site where they are neatly stored in their proper place. Removing clutter is safer, and this should always be the top priority.

And there’s an added benefit: a safer workplace uplifts worker morale – and this in turn leads to a more productive crew.

Steady as she goes

It may seem like a hassle when you have to interrupt a job just to make sure that some rubbish gets put in its proper place, but the attitude of ‘cleaning as you go’ actually saves a lot of time and money in the long term. As a matter of fact, it gives management a much better estimate of what exactly still needs to be done – and this encourages better planning.

It looks good

The fact that it looks good is already a big bonus. The fact that it looks good to people who have nothing to do with the construction (think of city regulators or prospective customers) means that the advantages can have far-reaching effects.

In the end, it all comes down to proper management – and this can only be achieved when the manager understands the bigger picture and how the details all fit together, as plant hire Chesterfield professional firms like Ruttle know all too well. It’s not about keeping the road clear because it looks pretty; it’s about keeping the road free of debris so that there are no accidents and vehicles and pedestrians can move quicker. It’s not about throwing garbage away near you to save time; it’s about putting it in the proper place so it’s easy to see how many machines it will take to remove it from the site. It’s the little things – the small habits that often require a little more effort – that save a lot of time, energy, and money at the end of the day. It’s efficiency through cleanliness. It’s proper management.

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