The Top Secrets You should Know about to Have the Best Wedding Ever

Planning a wedding is never easy. Just ask any former bride (and now respectable matron) who has gone through it, and they will enthusiastically agree. Mistakes can be made in the blink of an eye, and the smallest errors can make a drastic difference. But there’s no need to worry just yet – here are the top secrets you should know about to have the best wedding ever.

Keep calm and carry on

As soon as you become engaged, your head will undoubtedly be in a whirl. You’re busy imagining all your wedding plans and probably can’t wait to get started. After all, you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. But one important piece of advice is this: stay calm. Don’t rush out and choose the first supplier you see, or create a guest list without even considering your budget first. Let yourself calm down first and enjoy your engagement. Wait a few weeks before beginning your plans. You’ll notice that it makes a big difference when you are making your decisions – the right ones, that is.

Learn to distinguish between the wants from the needs

 Yes, every woman has a vision of her wedding day – some envision it with lots of flowers and butterflies, whilst some have a more detailed Gatsby-style wedding in mind. But as a would-be bride, it’s important not to get carried away, especially if you are on a budget. Be realistic. Learn to distinguish between your wants and your needs. For instance, one of your needs would be to make sure that you have the right venue (a Doncaster Hotel such as The Regent would be a realistic yet beautiful and sound choice) and the right photographer. A ‘want’ would be something that you can get once your needs are already fixed, such as detailed centrepieces, personalised favours, and the like.

Determine what you should spend on – and what you shouldn’t spend on

You may be tempted to ‘cut some corners’ and save on costs when planning your wedding, particularly if you have a limited budget. But there are just some aspects that you should never cut corners on, such as a good photographer. Whilst it may be tempting to rely on your good old uncle to take your precious wedding photos, would it really be a good idea? It might save you on costs, but are you sure your wedding photos will be spectacular? There are ways to cut corners and there are some things that you should always leave to professionals – such as the food, the photographs, the videos, and the like. Other aspects, such as wedding favours and small decorative touches, can be left to friends and family, for instance. The rest? Leave them to professionals – this will give you extra assurance as well.

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