The Top Facts on Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Granite Worktop

A granite worktop looks great. A granite worktop feels great. The truth is, your granite worktop is great, there’s no other way to describe it. Your special worktop offers you so many advantages that it would be silly to think of it in any other terms. However, that doesn’t mean that some special care should not be taken. As a matter of fact, there are some things you should be watching out for. It’s not difficult to take care of your beloved worktop, but you should keep certain things in mind. Here are the top facts on cleaning and disinfecting your granite worktop.


Some basics

 It’s important to have your granite worktop sealed, as granite worktops London specialists like J.R. Stone attest. Granite is similar to marble in the sense that it’s a porous stone (less porous than marble, but still porous). This means that water and other liquids eventually seep into the stone – and this could lead to the growth of bacteria or worse, the splitting of the stone over time. Sealing prevents this. When your granite worktop is sealed, it eliminates this porous attribute and ensures there is no leakage or cracking in the long-term.

What not to do

 Since granite is a stone, it doesn’t react well when it comes into contact with harsh or abrasive materials. For this reason, you should not use products that contain damaging chemicals or cleaning materials such as tough sponges. Avoid chemical cleaners and acidic compounds such as vinegar, fruit juices, ammonia, or bleach.

What you’ll need

To do a proper job, you won’t need much. And it’s all inexpensive, as well. Here’s what you should have at hand:


  • Warm water
  • A dish cloth (the softer, the better)
  • A clean microfibre cloth
  • A mild or gentle dish soap
  • Isopropyl alcohol (if you wish to disinfect)

Here’s how to do it

Wet your dish towel with warm water and wipe the area clean. Use the gentle soap. Afterwards, dry the surface with the microfibre cloth. If you wish to disinfect, use a 50:50 solution of water and alcohol.

One other piece of advice: disinfecting is important, but do it the correct way. If your granite worktop is sealed well, it should be impervious to bacteria and should not be disinfected on a regular basis. Normally speaking, hot water and dish soap should take care of the problem and remove any dangerous organisms without much trouble. If you do need something stronger because you want to be sure, a 50/50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol is more than sufficient to make you feel at ease. Take care of your worktop regularly, and it’s guaranteed to give you pleasure for years and years to come.

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