TOP 7 Observation Decks in Rome

Getting lost in the charming alleys of Rome or wandering through its ancient ruins is truly a memorable experience. But the most amazing experience is to see the whole city from the height and enjoy incredible panoramic views!


Thus, check out the following list of the most beautiful panoramic points in Rome:

  1. Gianicolo Hill
    The observation point is located on the Gianicolo Hill. Ask any Roman local which spot offers the best landscapes of the city, and most of them will definitely confirm that this is Gianicolo. The most convenient route to climb the hill begins from Via Garibaldi Street.
    At the top of the Gianicolo you’ll find the Garibaldi Monument. From this spot you can admire engaging views of the historic part of Rome.
    GPS Coordinates:41.891330, 12.461471
    Admission: free of charge
  2. Terrazze delle Quadrighe
    360-degree scene of Rome from the Vittoriano terrace is a must-visit attraction for each traveler. This is a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the Colosseum, the St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Roman Forum and many other charming sights of the Eternal City from the height of more than 50 meters. You can climb the terrace by using a glass elevator.
    GPS Coordinates:41.894336, 12.483551
    Admission:adults 7€/person, kids 3.5€/person
  3. Pincio Hill
    Located in the heart of Rome, Pincio Hill is almost entirely covered with gardens.
    From the top of Pincio you can enjoy the spectacular views of the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, Castel Sant’Angelo, Via del Corso Street and many other attractions.
    By the way, Pincio Hill is easily reachable from Piazza del Popolo.
    GPS Coordinates: 41.911143, 12.478182
    Admission: free of charge
  4. Giardino Aranci
    At the Aventine Hill you will find a beautiful Giardino Aranci Park. And inside of it there’s a small rectangular garden, which offers spectacular panoramas of the St. Peter’s Basilica, the amazing Basilica of Santa Maria and the magnificent Tiber River.
    GPS Coordinates:41.885722, 12.483349
    Admission: free of charge
  5. St. Peter’s Cathedral
    The most famous viewing point of Rome is situated at the top of St. Peter’s Cathedral. So, you have to climb the stairs consisting of 537 steps to reach the observation deck, but it is worth your efforts: you’ll get the amazing 360-degree scenes of Rome including views of the major monuments, villas, gardens, the Tiber River and the Alban Hills.
    The inner part of St. Peter’s Cathedral also looks incredibly – when you look at it you realize in what a magnificent place you are.
    GPS Coordinates:41.901362, 12.455511
    Admission:on foot-free of charge, elevator-7€/person
  6. The Forum Hotel
    This is a wonderful spot offering breathtaking scenes of the Colosseum and Pantheon. From the height of over 25 meters you can also see the numerous domes of the Roman churches. It can be a good idea to have lunch or dinner there, especially in the evening, when the sun goes down. The terrace of the Forum Hotel is also a good spot to celebrate memorable dates!
    GPS Coordinates:41.893871, 12.487683
    Admission:free of charge
  7. Piazza di Spagna
    Piazza di Spagna in Rome is a unique architectural hallmark of the city providing the Italian capital a special charm. From its highest point you’ll get just fascinating panoramas of the whole city. By the way, it’s recommended to visit Piazza di Spagna early in the morning, when the city is asleep and there are no huge crowds of tourists there.
    GPS Coordinates:41.905622, 12.482332
    Admission:free of charge


Rome is one of the most delightful and beautiful European cities. And in case you want to fully appreciate its charm, you should admire breathtaking cityscapes and ancient architecture of the city with a bird’s-eye view.
So, visit one of the above mentioned observation decks to get the incredible emotions and lots of amazing photos! For your convenience, we’ve specified GPS coordinates of all the spots, and you can easily reach them by using a rental car with GPS Navigator.

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