Top 5 Websites To Help You Study

In this era of Internet and smartphones, learning has become easier than ever. Using the websites and their apps in the Smartphone, students can assess their educational activities more. It is easier, faster and more authentic than it was even in the last century. There are thousands of sites and apps open to use, to facilitate the learning process.

Here, we are going to highlight the top 5 educational websites and their apps that are facilitating students with knowledge in the palm of their hands at ease.Websites


One can get both modern and ancient popular literature, drama and short stories in this site. The app can also help a lot. It’s easy to use. One can study on the go with this app. One can stay connected with the latest news of education sites using this app. The most attractive feature of this site is that it has designed an app. Learners can stay connected with this app via Facebook. One can access to 50 pre-installed study guides on different genres of literature through this app.


Another famous educational app and website for students is Shmoop. There are lots of texts, study guides and everything a student needs to facilitate his/her study. The app of this website is accessible on Google Play Store. One can easily download the app study, explore new knowledge and views more. Since 2009, Shmoop has been a digital publishing company to help student all around the world. This site is more informative and at the same time very casual. They have a very high profiled writers who write for the betterment of the students. They have a segment known as “Why should I Care?” that describes to students why the text is important to read in a very interesting way.


This is a popular educational website that provides students with the resources essential to review and evaluate schools by means of information and facts on admissions, tuition, financial aid opportunities, housing and more. This site also ensures that information is easily accessible and useful by presenting it in a concise yet comprehensive way. One can use the app and stay connected via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well.


Hhere’s one of India’s leading educational websites. It’s the largest online educational platform. Students can attend Live classes in this site. There are plenty of resources and texts in this website. The app of this site is also popular. Around 80 lucky students from around nine countries are getting online education help from this website. It also has a hotline number that students can use at any time on urgent matters.


One of the biggest and popular sites for writing essays and getting writers for writing essays.EssayPro is also providing an essay writing services for reviewing essays. All the reviews are made by professional essay writers and received from the clients of those services. The ratings are composed according to all feedback and general experience about writing service. For best essays, students use this site and app. Not only these, but there are also lots of resources for student here. One can check and make thesis paper using this site as well. Book report, case study, research paper, speech, dissertation, even the lab reports are included in the services of this site. This is a versatile, useful, resourceful and authentic site for a student to assess their study.

With these professional guides, students canlearn more and of course give more to the upcoming generations.

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