I need more Youtube views for my video!!!

I receive this quote on a daily basis from clients. They all want to know what is the best way to increase there youtube views ? The clients range from rap artists to athletes around the world.

My website ( has provided views to clients for the past 6 years. I own a website that delivers YouTube Views to clients that are looking to increase there view count. With all the experience and knowledge I have obtained, I am willing to give away some secrets on how easy it is to make your video go viral.

Here are the steps you need to take:

    1: Make sure the video is interesting: There has been occasions that clients have sent me boring video’s when buying views through my website. The chances of a boring YouTube video going viral is very slim. The most important factor in getting views to your youtube video organically is to have something interesting that the public can share through there social media network. You can buy 1 million youtube views for the video but if it’s boring then chances are you will only have those fake views on your video. You won’t be able to gain organic followers through the video because it’s not interesting to the public.


    2: Share your video on Social Media: You will want to share your YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Instagram. These are the Social media networks that are used to obtain free views. The best way to get views through these platforms is to correctly post the links. For example if I want to get my video out to more people on Facebook and twitter I will add 10-15 popular hashtags on my post. This can be a bit time consuming but it will be worth it for the free views you receive.


    3: Do some test views from 500views: offers free Youtube Viewsfor your video as long as you only do 1 video. You have to contact them through the contact for and ask for free youtube views sample and add your youtube video. You can only use this per 1 video on one account. I have used this service before and have forwarded the cool trick t0 all my friends. Free Youtube views for your video will give you a boost that will help you with increasing the views on your youtube clip.


    4: Make sure you give it an attractive title:  You want to make sure that you attract your clients with an attractive title to your video. Research shows that the more attractive the title the bigger the chance you’ll have of people clicking your youtube link.  Titles are the best way to get people to click on your youtube links because of curiosity.


    5: Appropriate Descriptions and tags: Make sure that you have a long and detailed description of your video. You will need to add at least 200 words and be descriptive. You can also include a http link to your domain or website link whatever your promoting. You will also need to research what popular tags or keywords are generating hits. You will need to research through the keyword planner.

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