Top 5 Slimmest Android Phones

LG L60 X-147(BLACK)

As per the latest technological trend, a lot difference is being created between old mobile phones and android phones. Old mobile phones are quite short. Android Phones size is quite large and also there is a back cover which can be put up in android phones. LG L60 X-147(BLACK) phone is very useful in today’s generation. It has got different features. They are as follows:Slimmest

  • Touch screen said to be 4.6 inch
  • SIM : dual
  • Primary camera is 5 MP
  • This is Kit Kat OS Android phone
  • Random Access Memory of this phone: 512 MB.

VIVO X5 MAX- 4.75mm

Android Phones performs all types of digital activities which the old phones cannot do it. VIVO X5 MAX- 4.75mm phone is a Chinese smart phone. The measurement of this Android phone is 4.86mm thick. The camera option is well developed in this smart phone. Front-facing camera in this case is 5mp. Rear facing camera is 13mp. This is quite a big handset. Internal storage is 16GB. 128 GB can be expanded if people want. The quality of the phone is good. The processor is 2GB of RAM. One slot is there for Micro-SIM card and second one is Nano-SIM card.

OPPO R5 – 4.85mm

OPPO R5 – 4.85mm is the second type of slimmest android phone which can be found in any mobile store. 4.85mm thick is the device. This android smart phone has got a rear facing camera of 13 MP and the front camera focus is of 5MP. 200 mAh battery systems is being updated in this android phone. FHD display is 5.2 inch of this android phone. This android smart phone is capable of 4G LTE. This is one of the best android smart phones as per the critiques given by the customers because they are using it in their lives.

GIONEE ELIFE S5.1 – 5.15mm

Gionee Elife S5.1-5.15mm is another kind of android phone which is enhancing at a tremendous rate in the mobile market. AMOLED display is 4.8 inch. Random Access Memory is 1GB. Internal memory is 16GB.  Connectivity support is 4G LTE. Camera focus is quite useful in this android phone. It supports 1.2 GHz clocking speed. With classy design, this phone is quite successful. The quality of music sounds good in this phone. Different apps can be downloaded from this android phone. Calculator is quite fast pacing in this android phone. Various background pictures can be set up in this android phone.

VIVO X1 – 6.55mm

Vivo X1 – 6.55mm is the third kind of slimmest android smart phone which can be found in any technology mobile shop. IPS display of this phone is 4.7″. Processor supporting in this android phone is A9. The capacity level of this battery is 2000mAh. This android smart phone is quite flexible and easy to handle. Application of games, study tutorials is quite largely enhanced in this android phone. Video quality is being enhanced at a brightest level in this android phone. Internet connection is quite fast. A lot different new apps can be downloaded through this magnificent focused android phone.

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