Top 5 SKi in Utah

Utah has made a name for itself as one of the leading locations for skiers and snowboarders, thanks to its tall mountains and variety of scenery. Utah is has a number of various other tourist attractions like Arches National Park and Zion National Park.

Originally named for the Ute people, or hill people, Utah is in the western area in the United States. Utah has likewise been one of the leading producers of gold, copper and silver with many small mining towns have now become popular ski destinations.

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Here is a list of my favorite ski resorts in Utah:

1. Snowbird Ski Resort:
This is a hotel for every season of the year. There is a small area of the mountain that is shared with the Alta Ski Mountain and joint passes are permitted. Snowboarding is very popular here with a terrain park, one might additionally take advantage of the scenic tours on dog sleds as well as heli-skiing.
There are 25 lifts servicing over 100 runs of all abilities makes this a great destination for everyone. The weather here tends to be very COLD and for this reason, I recommend you wear a warm ski jacket! Here are some jackets I recommend if you are looking to upgrade. Don’t forget your pants as well, I have some recommendations here for ski pants.

If there is one place you visit, make it Snowbird.

2. Alta Ski Resorts:
With a 2200 acres’ skiable location as well as a typical snowfall of over 550 inches, Alta Ski Resorts is one of the leading faves of skiers. Alta is a very traditional ski resort meaning they do not allow snowboarding here. One if the last holdouts, but the people who ski here appreciate that fact. It is also is on the expensive side, I recommend you stay in Salt Lake City as its only about 30 minutes away.

3. Brian Head Ski Resorts:
This is the most southern ski resorts in Utah, situated in between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. One of the smaller ski resorts in Utah, it features 21 ski runs of beginner to expert ratings. One of its best known features is the tubing hill, if you go here, don’t miss it!

4. Powder Mountain Resort:
Many of Utah vacationers typically have not heard of this ski resort. This has a substantial 7200 acres skiable area making it one of the biggest in North America. Having one of the higher snowfall averages of over 350 inches annually you are sure to find good skiing conditions here. It has some of the most family friendly hotels in Utah, make this a great place for the whole family.

5. Sundance Mountain Resort:
This is one of Utah’s ideal family friendly ski hotels with a skiable location of around 450 acres making it on the smallish side The accommodations are budget friendly and the lift tickets are as well. While Sundance doesn’t have as many runs as some of the bigger mountains, it still has a respectable number that will challenge you.
So when you are planning your ski vacation out West, think Utah!

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