Top 5 scanning apps of 2015

What do they do?

The basic purpose of scanning apps is to scan all types of articles like business cards, receipts and so on. Further on, after scanning them these apps are programmed to enhance the readability of the document in question, by playing around with the level of contrast, the colors and so on.

Some additional features that these apps might have are as follows; these apps can seamlessly integrate with other third party apps on your phone such as sharing them through Google Drive or iCloud or even sending them to someone through a text message.scanning apps

Top 5 scanning apps (2015)

The following, in our opinion, are the top 5 scanning apps of 2015:

  1. Scannable

Scannable is an app available on both Android and iOS, which is developed by the famous note taking company, Evernote. This app is free and runs flawlessly on both the platforms. Scannable makes it easy to scan any document, be it a business card, a grocery store receipt or anything else.

The app’s camera feature automatically focuses and scans any documents in its viewfinder. It then crops and enhances it for better visibility. A feature that really puts it apart from some of the other apps is the OCR functionality which can read the characters and letters in all the documents allowing you to search for documents using the keywords in the scanned documents.

  1. CamScanner

Having a beautiful and easy to use UI this app also all set to outdate your computer scanner. Having almost all the same capabilities as Scannable, it does a marvelous job in scanning all types of documents just like most of the other apps out there. A very convenient feature that it packs is that after scanning your documents it will evaluate the type of scanned item and will organize them accordingly. For instance, business cards will go in one folder while all the receipts and bills will be in another.

  1. Microsoft Office Lens

A forever free-to-use app by Microsoft that is having no issues surviving in the very competitive market of apps is known as, Office Lens. Having a very minimal UI after opening the app it goes straight to the camera’s viewfinder. Just like the apps above it automatically recognizes the documents and scans it right away. This app can scan items with great efficiency even at not so good angles. The quality of the scan is great but there is a subjective con, which is that the color correction of the scans is not the great, although it is decent and does the job.

  1. Tiny Scanner

Having almost exactly the same functionalities as all the other scanners, this app has a camera icon on the main screen of the app that takes you directly to the viewfinder. Like all of the above, it does a pretty good job at lining the corners of the document and adjusting the perspective. Although the quality of the scan falls somewhere in the low end, if compared to apps like Scannable and CamScanner.

  1. SimplyScan

With the basic functionality of a scanner app,  it provides its users with the basic function for no cost at all. However, if you want more than that this app charges a lower price than most of the other paid apps out there. The pro version of the app that costs only $0.99 does a decent job and lives up to its statements. Although it has a true material design look and a good scan quality, there are many aspects of the app that can be further improved.

These are some of the best scanning apps that you might need to check out if you are too busy to scan your documents using a traditional scanner.

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