TOP 5 hotels of Catania: just the right places to live

Catania is a unique city. The impression of this city depends on whatever light you view it. Be sure, the hotel that you chose plays an important role, making your impressions true-to-life. What is important: how long are you planning to stay in Catania – a couple of days (in this way you may choose a hotel next to Duomo), or more than a week? You can climb the mountain, go for a drive around the volcano, and visit the center of Sicilian ceramics Caltagirone and Taormina.

There is a variant to go everywhere by public transport – in this case it would be great to find the hotel just at the bus or train station. Otherwise, you have to waste your morning time for running from stop to stop.


Katane Palace Hotel
This hotel is the first that is worth your attention. It is comfortably situated 15 minutes walking from the bus station – it is difficult to lose your way in this area. The streets are noticeable – you remember the way you go at the first view.
It does not matter whether you are going to travel by car or by bus – the hotel stands 20 minutes far from the main city transport junctions. The place is nice and cozy. There are no problems with hot water and room heating in winter. In addition to this, the substantial breakfast is available.
You should remember that the winter holiday is dead season in Europe – it is impossible to buy some food here. This is the first reason to choose the hotel, where the breakfast is included. What is more, mini-bar (a couple of soda bottles and mineral water) is also counted in.


Principe Hotel Catania
The basic mass of hotels in Catania is situated around the central trade-promenade street, which is called via Etnea. Most of these hotels and hostels are solid stony buildings, dated of 18-19th century. This is the oldest in existence constructions in Catania – the big earthquake of 1693 has destroyed the city in full. This is the main reason why Catania hotels are roomy, modern and well-equipped, which is alien to the rest of ancient Italian cities.
Via Etnea is a noisy street, especially in the evening: street music, cafes, walking people. It is recommended to choose the hotels that were built to the deep of district. Principe Hotel Catania is comfortably situated between via Etnea and via Crociferi. By the way, the last of them is the next city sight of Catania: it is calm and pleasant. Principe Hotel is the starting point of the city to get to any city sight; the shops are also near at hand. The high service, cozy room and substantial breakfast – you can get all these for a reasonable price.

UNA Hotel Palace
Catania is situated on the seaside. Quite apart from the fact that it is difficult to find the hotel with the nice sea views in the center of the city, there is a chance to have a nice room with the view to Etna. UNA Hotel Palace, for example, offers to have a breakfast at the view platform. There is nothing better than smelling mountain nature every morning.

Royal Hotel
If you do not like views of Etna, you can check into hotel with an eye to stylish via Crociferi. The street is full of churches, villas, green patios. Royal Hotel is the brightest example of modern service and cultural heritage. Comfortable terrace, beautiful view, big parking zone – this is the right place to relax and restore your strength. The hotel is situated on the top of the hill – the views are impressive!

Romano Palace Luxury Hotel
Preferring travelling by car, you, probably, do not want to find the hotel in the city center – rental car services are mostly gathered in the airport. The best variant for you is going to the seaside. This is especially topical in summer, when the weather is hot and windy. Try to find the hotel, not far from the airport area, like Romano Palace Luxury Hotel. Catania is not a Frankfurt or Zurich – the plains are flying not very often here, so, the territory is calm, surrounded by a pinewood. There is a big plus – Auchan, the biggest shopping mall, is situated not far from the hotel.


The hotel offers free transfer to the city center – this is a chance to swim in the sea, walk in the forest and examine the main city sights all together. There are also negative attributes: the sea in Catania is not the best choice for your beach vacations. Take into consideration that wedding in Catania is the best-selling service in spring-summer season. It is more than romantic! Therefore, it is very noisy in the hotels terraces in the evening. Try to book the suits that do not front the water pool or back yard. However, Italian wedding is rather interesting event!

City districts that are not recommended to live in
There are two districts that are not comfortable to live in. The first of them is situated between the famous Fish Market and Castello Ursino. Fish market is a bad-smelling place within a radius of kilometer. It starts working with the sunlight: crowds of people, a stream of cars.
The second district is the square, where the famous Catalonian Teatro Massimo Bellini is situated. What an unexpected version! Of course, the square is successfully situated 4-5 minutes walking from the city Duomo, via Etnea. The buildings are solid, clean and well-groomed. This is unplumbed fact, but this cozy city is full of homeless people, emigrants and hooligans. The street is not safe in the evening.

Catania was always a desired prize for many different empires: Greek, Arabian, and Spanish. However, the worst enemy of the locals and tourists is situated near at hand – Etna Mountain. This is the biggest and the most beautiful active volcano in Europe that destroyed the city to the full in 1693. Catania is a “dark city” because it was built of black volcanoes stones. On the other hand, it is sunny, bright and warm place – the sun shines here 2528 hours a year. This is much longer than wherever it may be in Italy.

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