Top 4 Strategies That Will Make Your Advertising Video Effective

No online advertising initiative is complete without using video. The right combination of words and visuals will drive your message home in a way consumers will remember. You task is to create a video capable of connecting with and holding the attention of viewers. Here are a few strategies that will help.

Keep It Short

You have a message to convey and not much time to manage the task. Consumers have short attention spans when it comes to any type of advertising. With videos, you have between 30 and 90 seconds to make your case.

Remember you are not creating a motion picture epic. Keeping things simple and to the point is an essential for all effective video advertising.

Make Your Point Immediately

The key point of the video should be made immediately. You can use the remainder of the video time to reinforce that point. Consider a short video that presents a problem, offers your product as the solution, then goes on to point out two or three key ways that produce is right for the job. Think about how that approach grabs the consumer compared to something that waits until the very end to introduce your product. How many people will stick around until the end? As advertisers learned the hard way, not that many.

Pace Matters

Nothing ruins a good video idea like dragging things out. Every action that takes place must be designed to hold the attention of the viewer and naturally lead to the next one. Remember that you have seconds and not minutes to make each point and progress your quickly storyline. That means setting a pace that is fast enough to use the time effectively, but slow enough for viewers to grasp each point immediately.

Make sure the script moves fast, makes the points, and wraps up without any pauses or wandering into side comments. Staying on topic and using a steady but quick pace allows you to convey what the customer needs to hear and not cloud the message with useless filler.

Leave Consumers With a Call to Action

Whatever you are selling, invite consumers to take action. Leave them with something that you want them to do. It may be donate to a charity, show up for a community event, or buy a product. Make your expectations clear so there is no doubt about what should happen next. Pair this direct approach with using Acuity Ads programmatic marketing to strategically place your video on relevant sites and the potential of reaching a larger audience is real.

If you are at a loss as to how to create this type of video, call on an expert. In less time than you thought possible, the script will be ready, the action plotted, and the filming will commence. Once it’s done, you will have a resource that serves you well for a long time.

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