Top 4 Sources To Find Plumbers Sydney

Is the annoying sound of leaking tap driving you nuts? Or your water bills have skyrocketed?  Sounds like you are in need of a qualified plumber. As you may well know there are literally hundreds if not thousands of plumbers operating in and around Sydney, selecting one who does the job without burning a hole in your pocket is an uphill task.


There are two ways to go about it. The first is to not delay in getting small repairs fixed. Small problems often turn into bigger and expensive repairs. For example, if a small leak is left unattended for a period of time could result in a burst pipe. So your first course of action should be to be safeguard yourself from potential emergencies that could costs thousands of dollars of damage.

The second is to do your research, know how to hire qualified and reliable sydney plumber so you will know what to do when you need one. Here is a guide that will help in finding a plumber that will do the job clinically.

  1. WORD-OF-MOUTH: Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising and still remains the most reliable source. A recommendation from a friend or family can never be ignored. Similarly, if they warn you about a certain plumber, trust them.
  2. FAMILY, FRIENDS & PROPERTY MANAGERS: There are professionals who work with tradies on a day to day basis, such as Real Estate Managers or Builders. They know their contractors very well and are in a very good position to refer you someone reliable, honest and affordable.
  3. INTERNET RESEARCH: If family, friends or real agents don’t refer a plumber then, your next best bet is to conduct research on the internet. Start looking for a local plumber since he could be on site quickly and will charge a reasonable amount of money. If plumbers in your suburb are all booked out then expand your search to neighbouring suburbs or region. Remember, a plumber who has to travel long miles to visit your property will have higher call out rates and will be quoting you higher prices. So, always start local.


  1. HARWARE STORES: One of the most ignored source to find decent plumber is hardware stores. For some reasons people tend to forget about it. Hardware stores like Masters, Bunning, and Mitre10 have daily contacts with plumbers and they are in a great position to send you reliable plumbers.

BONUS TIP: Don’t be scared to ask for a couple of referrals from the plumber you have shortlisted. Ask for recent customers who have either provided a written review or are glad to speak to you over the phone. While not as dependable as a recommendation from a friend, it can still give a good clue about a plumber’s skill and trustworthiness.

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