Top 3 Transport Solutions in Geneva

The airport in Geneva is located at 4 kilometers from the city, and can be easily reached, as there is a wide range of Geneva airport transfer services. You can either opt for a taxi ride, or public means of transportation, as Geneva provides widely effective public transport. Keep on reading to see which one you prefer best.


Taxi airport transfer

One of Geneva’s airport transfer service is a taxi. Geneva presents effective taxi airport transfer that you can choose to book in advance. Booking a taxi in advance means you will be greeted at the airport by the taxi driver, and you won’t have to worry about not getting a cab, be it the case it’s a peak hour, or you’re arriving on a Sunday. You should know that, in general, a taxi ride costs more or less 70 CHF, depending on your address of course. The maximum number of passengers allowed is 4. So, if you wish to enjoy the comfort of a taxi ride, instead of opting for public transport, you should consider pre-booking your ride, so that you won’t waste any time waiting in the airport.


There are train departures every 12 to 20 minutes from Geneva Airport to the centre of the city. A train ride will last approximately 6 minutes. The train will get you to Gare Cornavin Central Railway Station. From there you can basically reach any address in Geneva – it is literally the hub of public transportation in Geneva. The train services in Geneva are utterly effective. Still, you should first get acquainted with the timetables of the railway services in the city. The first train from Geneva airport to Gare Cornavin Central Railway Station is available at 4.43 am and the last one available is at 0.07.

If your plane arrives in the interval when there are no trains available, then you should opt for a taxi or bus ride instead.

The train platform is situated at the Airport Shopping Center, which means there is a 5 minutes walking distance from the airport terminal to the train platform.


Taking a bus is a viable alternative if you there are no trains available at the time of your arrival in Geneva. Buses arrive at the airport every 9 to 15 minutes. The bus stop is in the proximity of Airport Terminal; you shouldn’t miss it as it is right in front.

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