Top 3 Data Recovery Software

To see pictures and videos on the phone have great excitement but if you deleted something mistakenly its too frustrated. Sometimes you drag your file to trash (or Recycle Bin on the PC), thanks to an operating system, you can easily push your files from Recycle bin to the right place. But when you empty your PC recycle bin then you are in real trouble. Why you guys worried about your lost data, you can get your files back via data recovery software.

What are you thinking? I have something for you, don’t pay to others. Do it by yourself in free or with paid software. You don’t need to go anymore we are here to give you the best three software review. Choose one of the best recovery software and do your job right now. The top software are

Top 3 Data Recovery Software List

  1. EaseUS data recovery wizard
  2. Recuva
  3. Data Rescue 3 Recovery Software

EaseUS data recovery wizard

EaseUS data recovery wizard is professional data recovery software which has a lot of features which you can’t find in others. You can get your full data from Computer, Smartphone, Digital cameras, and Micro SD card by only one click recovery. This software brings you back your all 99 percent of the data, one percent of our MS office file didn’t recover. Other than that we found our all data and it also top ranked for the best-reformatted recovery data. It recovers our 80 percent of reformatted data from the computer and as well from SD card.

You can search by file type and it’s easy, you don’t need to put your computers skill or any tutorial. After finishing yours recovery scan on the EaseUS data recovery wizard it does offer file preview and presorted capability, which make more easy for you to know that which file you want back.

EaseUS data recovery wizard software lacks some professional tools but on the other hand, it’s one of the best option. Its new version’s function is not challenging.


Recuva is a free data recovery software which you can use for the recent files deleted. For the recent file recovery, no other software can beat Recuva, it can also found your other formatted data which may deleted in past.

There are two modes, The Quick Wizard and Deep wizard. The first one for the recently deleted file and the other one will take you to the step vise through the data that have been deleted in past.

You can download and install now but if you want to scan deeply get a more powerful alternative.

Data Rescue 3 Recovery Software

Data Rescue 3 is designed to recover all types of the data from HDD and SSD, it also called DR3. It provides a disk imagining feature which tells you which data you want to recover from hard disk you scan. If you want to recover your files from HDD then it perfects, will get all your quickly. But if want to try on SSD then it may lose some data.

DR3 is Linux based which can recover data without your operating system. The best support we saw from the DR3 team, they can provide much information regarding how you can do much better with DR3.


You might delete your file mistakenly and also empty your Recycle Bin, so you are in real trouble. Don’t worry above you can check the best three data recovery software of 2016 and 2017. All have a different kind of options but EaseUS data recovery and DR3 have a lot of advanced options. you will get your data with this software and don’t need to go anymore. Recovery software can help you to save your money and recover your lost data.

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