Top 2 Ways to buy Postage Stamps – Online Medium & Retail Location

Have you asked yourself that from where can I buy stamps? Do you know about the proper medium and sources that can give you postage stamps? We can help you. Here top 2 ways will be shared to get these stamps. If you are into the hobby of stamp collecting, then these two ways will bring more convenience for you while collecting more and more stamps.

Collecting and Buying Stamps from an Online Medium:

You can buy these postal stamps with the help of an online medium. None of us wants to wait in long lines. None of us wants to visit USPS office every time. You can easily purchase these stamps by following online method the now.

Steps and Complete Guide to buying Stamps with an Online Method:


  • First, visit this site of USPS stamps. You can visit this site by using any browser. USPS stands for United States postal service. Sign in yourself. If you are new to this website, then register for it first.
  • After registering, individuals have to click on this option, Quick Tools heading. This option and heading will come on USPS website landing page.
  • Then Click on the option Buy Stamps.
  • Then select the kind of style which you need on your US postal stamps. After finalizing the style, you have to mention total quantity as well.
  • After mentioning these details, you can add your desired stamps into your online cart.
  • Final steps are to click on the checkout button. Make a follow up of payment procedures and prompts. Either use a debit card or credit card for payment. This is how to buy stamps online.

Collecting and buying stamps from some Retail Locations:

If you are asking from your very own self that where can I buy stamps then apart from the online method, you can purchase your stamps from some retail locations. It is true; stamp collecting is one of the famous hobbies. People look for various ways to collect stamps.

Here you can get Ideas about Online Stamps:

Steps and guide to buying stamps from some retail locations:

  • First look and search for a location. From the locations of ATM, banks, from the sites of gas stations and big box kind of stores, these are common retail locations from where you can buy stamps. If someone asks you that from where to buy stamps, you can take him to grocery stores, to office supply chains and stores and pharmacies
  • The site of USPS can also help you. On its website, you can have the list that tells you the detail of those retail locations where these stamps are available.
  • Visit the website of USPS and click on the option termed as Quick Tools heading. Then you can select this option which is Find USPS Locations. Clicking on button termed “Approved Postal Providers” and entering your correct geographic information, you will get the list of retailers.

Price of Stamps:

Do you know how much are stamps? Do you know the current rates that how much is a postage stamp? USPS gives the current figures. For a single piece letter, it is 49 cents and the cost of a stamp book; it is of $9.80

So these are the details regarding how much is a book of stamps. Prices of these stamps have seen a hike this time. More ways will be given that will give a reply to this question on yours that from where can I buy stamps.

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