Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Juices

Green juices are getting more and more popular nowadays. Some drink them as a part of a diet aimed at losing weight, others have made them a part of everyday nutrition. If you have not tried juices made of wheatgrass, parsley, lettuce, dill, celery and other extremely useful greens with the best masticating juicers – it is definitely time to start. If you have any doubts about such juices, here are ten main reasons to drink them.

#1 Detoxifying and Protecting Effects

Greens act like a magnet to the various kind of toxin. That is why green juices are the perfect tool to detoxicate your body and reduce the hazard of such diseases as diabetes, which is great news.

#2 Supplying Energy

There is an opinion that the whole energy of Earth is concentrated in greens. Whether it is true or false, it is hard to deny that green juices supply you with energy during the day.

#3 Preserving Vitamins

As compared to other juices, the majority of vitamins are preserved in the green ones. One of the main factors here is a proper juice extractor, which you can choose after reading reliable masticating juicers reviews.

#4 Enzymes

Our body does not produce enzymes. Green juices are a great source of enzymes making chemical reactions required for proper body functioning quicker.

#5 Minerals

A lack of a single mineral can cause different kinds of body malfunctions, up to severe diseases. Green juices are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and many others.

#6 Better For You Digestion

Due to the concentration of enzymes, green juices are much healthier for you digestion than many other freshly made juices.

#7 Normalize Acidity

Such juices are not acidic, like citrus and berry ones. Moreover, if you have problems with acidity, green juices will surely help you with it.

#8 The Best Snack

One should not drink green juices with other food. On the other hand, squeezed with a masticating juicer and consumed less than 30 minutes after a meal, a green juice can make a perfect snack. As mentioned above it is rich with healthy elements, which allows it to be a separate meal.

#9 Easy Juicing

There is no need to think how to prepare green juices anymore. Masticating juicers, perfect for juicing greens, are very affordable today. It is hard to imagine first what an amount of greens you need to consume each day. The good news is that you need only 30 ml of green juice to stay healthy.

#10 Positive Reviews

Many people are still afraid to drink freshly made juices because there are too many negative research results. Green juice is an exception. Not everybody believes that they are a universal remedy, but their safety and benefit are mainly recognized.

This list here is only a small part of the reasons to drink green juices. They are not a trend. They really help anyone to get healthier, stronger and more energetic. Mind the precautions if you have any kind of allergies. Be attentive if you are expecting a baby. Consult your pediatrician if you want to give green juices to kids. Otherwise, there is no better source of natural profit than a daily glass of green juice.

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