Tips and Tricks for Google Play Store Problems

Google Play Store is one of the applications that must exist in the Android Smartphone as these applications have an important role as a means to obtain an application for Android users. However, sometimes there is a problem in this application, such as applications suddenly stopped working and could not be opened. These are some of the obstacles often encountered Android Smartphone users. The following is the solution to resolve the issue. Actually there is no sure guide to fix the problem in the Google Play Store. So, these are tips and advice on better technology that have been tried to overcome these problems.


  • Close Google Play Store

The easiest thing to do when the application is in trouble is forcibly shut down an application. Close the Google Play Store page, multitasking. Another way is to select the Settings menu, select Apps, and All. Then, find the Google Play Store and select Force Stop.

  • Restart your phone

This method is also the easiest way and the way most do. It also proved successful way to solve several problems at once.

  • Clear cache in Google Play Store

Delete the cache memory on a regular basis. To clear the cache memory of the Google Play Store, users simply open the Settings menu and select Apps then search the Google Play Store and select Clear Cache button.

  • Remove the existing data in the Google Play Store

If you’ve cleared the cache, but it does not work, then you can delete the data Google Play Store. To delete data in the Google Play Store, you just do the same steps when it would clear the cache memory. However, you should choose Clear Data and not Clear Cache. However, keep in mind, that when deleting data, automatic data stored users were also lost. So, when will access Google Play Store, you need to enter your Google account first.

  • Check the blocked application

Cause of the problem is the Google Play Store application system did not work properly so that you can check which application may be blocked. The way to do this is to open the Settings menu and select All Apps. Then, find the app was in a state disabled. If there is, you simply activate the application again. The final way that can be done is to remove the Google Play Store. To do this, you simply go into the Settings menu and select Apps and Google Play Store, and then select the option to uninstall updates.

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