Garage doors have become indispensable parts of new homes’ facades.  This is why today Ottawa garage doors manufacturers produce doors of all styles, sizes, and colors so that you can find the product specifically for your home. Below we prepared several useful tips to help you choose new garage doors of the right material and style for your home.



The four most common materials for Ottawa garage doors are aluminum, steel, wood, and fiberglass. Each of these materials was designed for specific conditions and applications. So the basic characteristics of them are as follows:

  • Aluminum
    • Hundreds of styles, colors and designs
    • Extremely low maintenance needs
    • No rust issues
    • Very light so perfect for over-the-head designs
    • Less durable than steel
  • Steel
    • Astonishing variety of colors, styles, and finishes
    • Very sturdy
    • May build up rust if dented or scratched
  • Wood
    • Traditionalchoice for customized designs
    • Additional veneers and overlays make the cost lower
    • Requires regular maintenance
  • Fibreglass
    • Wide choice of styles and designs
    • The most durable material
    • Higher cost


In terms of style you need to look at the existing style of your home and try to match your new garage doors with it. You can opt for complete match or look for complementary elements in a new door. At the same time BigCityWindows experts in Ottawa also say that you can make your garage doors the center of the whole composition and make an accent on them. Keep also in mind that most manufacturers in Ottawa offer customized options, so if you cannot find the needed garage doors in their catalogue, think about your preferences and put a special order. So the main styles and matches we collected below.

1) Victorian / Georgian / Colonial

For these houses designers advise opting for panelled wood garage doors or lookalike options. In terms of matching both new doors and windows with the home’s style, look for divided-light windows. Search for decorative hardware, such as iron hinges or handles.

2) Arts and crafts homes / Edwardian

For the doors opt for raised panels or sections. The home will also look perfect with arch-top or divided-light windows units that match or at least complement your home’s windows.

3) ’50s ranch style

This is a home that requires absolutely plain finish with horizontal simple emphasis in design (wood slats or banding will be perfect). Choose also very simple hardware or windows that will create a perfect balance with overall composition of home’s exterior.

4) Contemporary/modern

With modern homes you have the biggest freedom in style. Designers from Ottawa advise choosing materials and details that make a statement.

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