Tips of Installing Your Own Mail Box

As a man or woman, you should learn to rely more and more on yourself especially when it comes to small tasks at home. The little amounts of money that you spend whenever something small breaks or needs installation could add up to a lot by the end of the year or month.


Having a mail box is a very important thing especially when it comes to the receiving of security papers. If you have one or are looking to purchase one, you should always go for something that you thing looks great on your front yard. Letter boxes are not that hard to install and there fore you do not need to hire a contractor to install yours unless you are going for a complex design. You can easily come across any sort of design you are going for especially if you are doing your shopping online. If you are going for a simple design that does not require too many skills, you can go for it and install it by yourself. Make sure that you look for manual on how to and follow it to detail. Here are some other tips that can help you accomplish this task:

  • Finding the Right Spot
    If you decide to install your own mail box, you need to first make sure you have found the right place where your mail box will be standing. Letter boxes should never be placed just anywhere on your front yard, there is a big possibility that there could be some utilities delivery systems passing under your front porch. When looking to dig for a hole to secure the post that will be holding the mailbox, make sure that there are no utility lines down there. You can call the suppliers in your area and inquire before you start digging. Also make sure that the spot you choose for your mailbox is not so much in your porch and it does not also appear to be halfway on the road.
  • Securing the Post
    Once you have found the right spot and dug a hole that is dip enough to give your post a good grip. It is time to plant and secure the post. Whichever type of letter boxes you might decide to go with, it is important that you use some concrete if you want it to hold. You do not want to keep putting back the mailbox whenever a child on a bike losses their balance and run into the post. You can even a few stones to give the post some stability before you pour in the concrete. To add even more stability, you can nail in so spare pieces of wood that will help to hold onto the concrete.
  • Attaching Your Mailbox
    This is the final step to and it is quite simple to implement. Most of the letter boxes packages come with a wood anchor that you should use to attaché them to the pole you have secured. What you need to do is take the anchor and screw it into the post. Then slide your mailbox over or on top the anchor wood and use some screws to fasten it too.


Once you have fastened the mail box, your job is almost complete now. All that you need to do is clear up the area around the mailbox to make it look presentable. Even letter boxes are part of your home and should be treated as such.

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