Tips for Increasing the Response Rate for Flyers

The response rate of a flyer distribution campaign refers to the percentage of people that respond to the brochure or leaflet. There’s no distinct average response rate, as there are many variables that come into play, including the industry and the offer. For example, a company offering high-end purchases, such as cars, will get a far lower response rate than a small pizza shop. This article provides some helpful tips for increasing the response rate of your flyers.

The Flyer

The flyer itself is a key part of flyer distribution. Your budget will come into play when deciding on the size and style of flyer, as well as your distribution area. If you intend on distributing to a large area, you may not be able to invest as much on the leaflet.

Choose high-quality paper and ink for a professional looking flyer that will leave an impression on the recipients. A quality commercial flyer distribution company can offer you excellent value on your flyer and even provide expert advice so you can make cost-effective decisions.

The flyer should have a headline, an offer, interesting imagery, and a call to action that motivates readers to respond.

The Offer

The offer on your flyer will have a huge impact on the response rate. If you’re offering your product for half price with an offer that doesn’t expire for six months, you’ll likely enjoy a very high response. However, if you’re only knocking 1% off the original price, or if the expiry date is too soon, you’re unlikely to see many responses at all for your flyer distribution campaign. Create a catchy headline, and then have a reasonable deal that offers new customers great value without causing your business to lose too much money.  

Flyer Distribution

The method you use to send your flyer out doesn’t have to be a letterbox drop. Your leaflet could be a newspaper insert, placed on windscreens, or even delivered door to door. However, targeting a location in a cost-effective manner is best done through mailbox delivery, as this allows you to target a local area quite easily. If you’re after a larger area, newspaper inserts can be a very effective tool.

Choose a flyer distribution method that’s within your budget and will target the right people. After all, there’s no point delivering flyers state-wide if you’re a small takeaway store in the outer suburbs. Consider how far people would be willing to travel for your product, and take into account the socio-economic restrictions of different areas, especially if you’re promoting a high-end product. For instance, exclusive and expensive perfumes are less likely to receive a high response rate in low socio-economic areas.


Knowing the response rate is important for knowing if your flyer distribution technique has been successful, giving you a benchmark for your next campaign. Ask your recipients to bring the brochure in with them to claim the deal, or exclusively market the promotion through flyers to get an accurate idea of how many responses you receive. You can also modify your strategy as you go to increase responses. Try a different area, increase or decrease the size of the flyer, or change the promotion.

Making the right choices for your flyer distribution campaign can make all the difference between receiving just a couple of responses and receiving hundreds. Talk to a professional distribution company today for further advice.

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