Tips for Remodelling a Space

Every room has its own personality and before you take the plunge into remodelling and redecorating, there are a few things you should consider.

Just as each room has its own personality, it will have its own function, and that function, whether it be to prepare meals, relax or pamper, can influence that personality in different – unique, even – ways. Create a space that is practical, yet has character. Use some of these tips to create and design the space of your dreams.



  1. Have a plan. Sift through the endless pages on the internet. These resources will be your best friend. The internet holds an entire realm of interior designs, how-tos and more. A personal favourite is Pinterest, which holds an abundance of wonderful images that can really help you home in on what does and doesn’t work for you.


  1. Really research. If you have no idea what look you are going for, research. Find what you love and dive deeper. Do your love shabby chic? Contemporary? French country? Whatever it is, find it and embrace it in every aspect of the design process. Research paint colours, décor, furniture and themes. If you’re on a budget, keep that in mind as you research, but don’t let it stop you from being aspirational.


  1. Don’t forget the lighting. Getting the lighting is essential. It will set the mood and ambiance of the space. Also, lighting for the kitchen and bathroom isn’t the same as you would use in a living room or bathroom. Lighting needs to be a part of the early planning so you can paint and decorate accordingly.


  1. Don’t overlook the furniture. The furniture should be cohesive with the style and vibe you’ve chosen for the space. Furniture can be one of the biggest costs. Read up on design types of furniture, materials and where things should be placed.


  1. Consider the flooring. Flooring has a big impact on the room and the type you choose depends on how it works with the rest of your home as much as it does with that individual space. Typically, carpet is a design “don’t” for bathrooms, but tile and hardwood are more acceptable. Remember, if you do choose tile or hardwood for the living room or bedrooms, these larger spaces tend to echo and an area rug is could be necessary.


  1. To reiterate an earlier point, never let the function of a room out of your thinking. This goes well beyond whether it’s a bedroom or bathroom, which will influence your lighting choices, for example. You’ll have to consider ventilation, how much natural light is required, your physical movements around the space, and who will use it and at what time of day.


Remodelling can be fun but a lot of time, planning and work goes into it. Have a clear plan before you get started and tasks will be easier for you. If you hit a snag, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.


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