Tips To Ensure Safety While Using Kik Messenger for Communication

Kik messenger is a powerful and an easy to use application that has helped millions of people all around the globe to make new friends and stay in touch with old friends. It is available for different types of OS such as iOS, Windows and Android based phones.

With this app, you can remotely connect to your friends and share text and multimedia messages instantly. As the communication on this application happens over the internet, sometimes it can become very risky.

With some easy to remember safety tips, one can safeguard themselves from any malicious and suspicious intentions in the best possible way.

What is a Kik messenger?

Kik messenger is a fun-filled way to interact with your close ones through messages, multimedia photos, videos and stickers. To exchange these media among users, a Wi-Fi connection or data plan of your phone is required.

As users communicate with other Kik users on the basis of their username, it is very important to know the username of the other person whom you wish to talk to.  Kik Online is the best place to connect with friends, groups and the entire world through chat.

Safety measures in Kik application

Certain types of safety measures are built inside the application by the developers of the Kik application. While some measures ensure that all the data that is exchanged over the application remains encrypted, other measures protect users from unauthorized access from non-intended recipients.

Age restriction

To use Kik, there is a mandatory age restriction where only those children who are of thirteen or above age can only use this app. If in any case it has been found that the user is below this age, then Kik takes strict action by deactivating the account of such users.

User name

Kik developers advocate to share and use their Kik code and username in a very careful manner. Share it with only those people who are reliable. To prevent any mishappenings and misuse of your Kik account, it is advisable to create a strong username for the application.

Block messages from unwanted people

You can use block feature if you receive messages from people whom you don’t know or don’t want to talk to. With this feature, you can easily block further communications from them.

Click only trusted links

One of the ways by which attackers steal important information from users is by sending them fake links. When these links are clicked, attackers install a malicious program on user’s device and steal valuable contacts and information present on it. Thus, for security, it is very important to click only on those links that are from trusted websites.

Don’t share your password

When a person creates an account in Kik application, they have to provide a password for the account. It is through this password that they log in to their account. Kik account password is very important and should be kept secret.

To make your Kik username and password difficult to guess, you can use a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, digits and special characters.

Don’t share your information with anonymous users

To ensure the safe use of Kik application, it is advisable not to disclose your personal information such as email address, phone number, photo, etc. with everyone you meet online.

Due to its simplicity, ease of use and incredible benefits many people are switching from their boring chat messenger application to Kik. This app itself has several inbuilt security measures that guarantee high-level protection to its users. A careful approach will help you remain protected all throughout the use of this beneficial application.

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