Tips to Decorate Your Home this Christmas Season

Getting ready for Christmas everyone? When all houses are buying their Christmas trees and hanging their Christmas wreaths on the front door, naturally the joy of the season has started to spread and even the weather has specially changed to suit the setting. So, when you have to spend a lot of money for all the Christmas gifts and parties that are coming up during the holidays, you don’t have to spend the same amount to decorate your home for the season. This is why we came up with some DIY decorations you can make form home to spread that seasonal joy even more.


Have old mason jars?

If you are looking for seasonal candle holders then you already have them at home but the only thing is that you don’t see it in a creative perspective. Cut some seasonal shapes like snowflakes, the shape f a Christmas tree, snowman, star and other shapes on cardboard. Paste it on the jar and spray with a spray paint using seasonal colors like red, silver and green. Remove the shape you pasted and then place the candle inside.

Decorate your living room

Apart from having your Christmas tree you also want to focus on other decorations for your home for the season. Check for some decorations that you can put up in your fireplace like Christmas socks and candles. Collect more inspiration from Pinterest because they have thousands and thousands of ideas just for you.

Have old or extra Christmas decorations?

You don’t want to look for the little snow globes in the shops but make one at home.  Glue a Christmas decoration like a small Santa Clause, a Christmas tree or even a house with snow on the rooftop, reindeers, etc. inside a mason jar’s lid. To the jar add equals of water and glycerol. Then you can add some colorful sequins and stir well. Close it with the lid and there you go! A nice snow globe made from home.

Make use of your glassware

Even if you are not the type of person who will light candles to make your house warm for the season, still candles are so traditional for the season. So, you don’t have to worry about buying candle decorations when you can make them out of Christmas gift wrapping paper and also from colorful papers. Along with that, decorate your extra glassware for holders. You can use Christmas tree leaves to paste around the glass or even use cinnamon sticks for a better fragrance.

Deck your home with seasonal colors

When you are buying curtains, table mats, cloths, bedding, cushion covers, and other things for your home decoration try to stick to the colors of the season. This will make even the little decorations in your home look elegant.

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