Tips on Buying Travel Insurance for People over the Age of 65

Many avid travellers don’t really know much about purchasing a travel insurance policy, and often end up paying over the top for their insurance policy. This will just increase your travel budget as a whole, and leave you with little money to spend on experiences when you land in another country. Now, before you go shopping for a travel insurance policy, there are some key facts that you need to understand. First of all, you should know that every insurance company will try to minimise its risk as much as possible when selling you an insurance policy.

If you fall within the age bracket of 20-45, lead a healthy lifestyle, are physically fit, and don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions, your insurance premium will obviously be lower. In fact, many insurance companies have an eligibility criteria for applicants, and for people who are above the age of 65, getting an insurance policy through conventional means is generally quite difficult. But, that does not mean that people above the age of 65 can’t travel at all. There are many different companies that offer travel insurance packages designed exclusively for seniors. Here are a few tips on buying such an insurance policy.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Medical Travel Compared in the UK have made it quite easy for people over the age of 65 to purchase the right policy for themselves. All you have to do is to visit the website, make an account, and provide details about yourself. You will need to input information about any pre-existing medical conditions that you suffer from, as well as any other important information that the insurance providers should know. Keep in mind that the insurance premium is calculated based on all of these factors, along with the destination you are travelling to. Some countries are not covered, such as war-torn regions like Somalia and Syria, and countries that have been sanctioned, such as Iran and Iraq.

Requesting Quotes

Thankfully, requesting quotes from different insurance providers is incredibly easy nowadays. Once you submit your information, the insurance comparison website will automatically do the legwork for you and request quotes from all major insurance providers in the country. You can then compare the pros and cons of each and then decide which insurance provider offers the best value for your money.

Many insurance companies offer promotional packages to their customers as well, so you can easily save a great deal of money if you do a little bit of research online. You will need to submit your medical documentation to the insurance company, highlighting the severity of your medical condition as well as any treatments that you are currently receiving. The insurance company will require all relevant information related to your condition before giving you a quote. Of course, the premium is going to be relatively high compared to the market standard, but at least you will be able to travel without any worries and enjoy your trip!


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