Tips When Buying CCTV For Your Restaurant

Security is a critical aspect for any business. The constant change in customer base and high employee turnover expose restaurants to a high risk of theft. In fact, statistics indicate that over 75% of theft in restaurants can be associated with employees.

A properly installed surveillance system can also protect customers and employees in addition to catching robbers. According to the Philippine Restaurant Directory, a safe environment will boost a restaurant’s reputation and longevity.

Below is a number of factors needed to be considered when buying a CCTV for your restaurant:

  1. Location

Before installing cameras in a restaurant, it is important to determine the best locations. This should be based on employees and customer patterns as well as the lighting of the specific areas. This will help you determine the most appropriate camera for each location. There are critical locations where cameras should be placed in a restaurant.

  • Near the entrance and exit so as to capture each customer or visitors.
    • In the Kitchen so as monitor all kitchen activities. Weather proof bullet cameras would be ideal due to temperature variations in the kitchen.
    • Dining area so as to protect customers and monitor them.
    • Near office safes and cash register so as to monitor all transactions.
  1. Budget

Before investing in CCTV installation, it is important to set a budget. Set a budget and incorporate all the aspects such as installation costs, storage costs, third party monitoring software etc. An approximate budget keeps you on track and enables to t balance on quality and cost. Browse Reviews Philippines.

  1. Target

It is important for you to understand your target. What areas do want the CCTV to monitor? Do you want to monitor the parking area? Outside gate? Which other areas? Answering one or all of the above questions will help you determine if you can save on some features or invest more.

  1. Light Level

It is important to consider night vision clarity. This is because most restaurants operate throughout the night. Most camera companies rate their cameras based on their low light vision clarity. Cheaper cameras will deliver almost nothing in low light. Therefore, a restaurant owner should consider investing in a good IP camera.

  1. Resolution

Higher resolution IP cameras will capture more details giving you sharper images. For restaurants, you should consider high resolution IP cameras. This is because blurry pictures will not help you identify a thief or even read a number plate.

  1. CCTV storage system

There is need to store the video footage. One should consider storage systems such as DVR, SD, NVR or subscribing to a CCTV cloud storage provider. The latest Digital Video Recorder is the most common.

  1. Connectivity

It is important to determine if you need wireless or wired connectivity. Wireless cameras are easy to install, set up and move. Addition of cameras to the network is also easier. However they are more prone to interference.

  1. Software

Any system is as good as the software it is using. It is advisable to consider higher end IP camera that is capable of feeding any software you may choose to use. It is also important to check for apps that are compatible to your android or apple phone. This gives you the convenience to monitor your CCTV system from your mobile or tablet wherever you are.

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