Three Things To Look Out For When Choosing A San Diego Resume Service

Even though there are many factors that determine whether you will secure a job, the first step to securing an interview is having a resume that conveys the message that you are the right candidate for the job.

Many job search articles give tips and tricks to job seekers to help better their chances of securing the position. While many of these articles vary, the constant thing that they recommend is getting your resume checked by a professional service first.

The professional resume service will help you highlight your strong points on paper since it uses expert writers that are experienced in the hiring process. The following are the top three considerations when choosing a San Diego resume service.

San Diego Resume Service review

  1. Qualifications

You need to know exactly what makes the firm you have chosen qualified to write your resume. Consider such things as how long they have been in business before you ever reach for your wallet. If a resume writing service is not willing to share its experience then it is a clear sign that it cannot be trusted.

A good resume writing service should have at least several years of experience and should have writers that are Certified Professional Resume Writers. It should also have a good rating on the Better Business Bureau. It should also be willing to show its experience and accolades.


  1. Testimonials

The Internet is littered with promises from people promising to deliver heaven and delivering hell. When choosing a resume writing service, look out for genuine testimonials. The key word here is genuine since anybody can write up and publish testimonials on the Internet.

If you wish to determine the legitimacy of a companyÕs testimonials, all you need to do is visit its LinkedIn page. There recommendations are from registered LinkedIn members meaning that there is a reduced chance of fabrication of details by employees or owners of the service.


  1. Free Consultations And Guarantees

You need to choose a service that allows you to send your resume for a free expert review. If the resume service is truly honest then it should tell you whether your resume requires little or no work at all, depending on how you have it currently. Since the free consultation is not binding, you can learn a lot about ways of improving your resume without spending anything. The only thing that might be limiting you from getting that interview you so much desire might be the initial feedback from a free consultation. Therefore, what are you waiting for?


Please be aware that before 1990, there were no standards with which to measure a professional resume writer. The PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches created a standard test to be able to test resume writers. Those individuals passing the test were awarded the title CPRW or Certified Professional Resume Writer. Always seek a resume writer who has the credentials CPRW.

In conclusion, never choose a San Diego resume writing service that does not have all the aspects mentioned in this article. The service that will do the most for your job search is one that has all the three components.

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