Three Career Paths That Will Make You Feel Like You Live In One Of Your Favorite TV Shows!

We all know that real life isn’t actually like TV – even reality shows are edited to make things look as interesting and exciting as possible, and life just generally can’t be full of non-stop drama and intrigue! However, when it comes to picking your career and therefore what you want to study, there is no harm in taking some inspiration from the characters and shows you find gripping – after all, the work those characters do is often the most interesting part of the show, regardless of their on-screen personal lives!

Here are three real-life career paths inspired by popular shows:

Criminal Justice

Whether you want to be on the ‘law’ or the ‘order’ side professionally, there are some hugely interesting careers in criminal justice. From being a defense attorney to being a forensic investigator, there are fields within criminal justice to suit everybody. If you love shows about criminal investigation like CSI and Law & Order, you can see the kind of diverse jobs that go into solving a case and bringing a criminal to justice. If you like the idea of working in this area then you can consider study paths like an online CJ degree, followed by a masters in criminal justice (you can also do an online MSCJ with top universities like the University of Cincinnati, so you can do the whole study path remotely if you want to).


Whether you are gripped by the drama of House or Grey’s Anatomy or the comedy of Scrubs, there are lots of great shows set in the medical world, and this is because it is an especially exciting environment to work in. Within a hospital, everybody is important and people are working on life or death cases each and every day. Of course, you don’t have to compete to become a top surgeon to get a chance to be part of that world for your career and there are lots of opportunities in fields like nursing and different types of medical therapy that don’t require the same intense amount of study over many years. You can also look at careers in hospital administration if you don’t actually like the idea of practicing medicine on patients but would like to have a valuable and important role in providing healthcare – as well as working in the interesting environment of a hospital.


If reality TV is more your thing, and you love shows like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, a career in fashion could give you a chance to live in the glamorous world of models, designers, and of course drama. There are loads of diverse careers you could consider, such as being a photographer, a make-up artist, a fashion journalist, or an agent for models, so even if you don’t want to be in front of the camera or have what it takes to design amazing clothes, you can find lots of chances to use your talents!

These are just three industries with lots of careers in that you could consider if you want a job that feels just like a TV show!

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