Things to Know When Using a Pallet Delivery Service

What can I pack on a pallet?

Pallets are extremely useful and allow for safe transport from one location to another. With pallet deliveries, your goods can be received and shipped as you wish – whether personally or for your business.

Before calling a pallet courier, keep these things in mind when preparing your pallet.



  • Certain items require a detailed inventory. It’s common to ship alcohol across the borders, but don’t forget the inventory, which should provide information like the exact alcohol content strength, the size of each bottle and the number of bottles and their value. Don’t leave any of this information off the inventory list. If you do, you can cross but your goods can’t.
  • The same goes for when shipping food stuffs. Regardless of what you are shipping, the inventory should be detailed with the correct information.
  • When it comes to common household items and electronics, it varies between countries. Before committing to a shipment, check the rules and regulations of the receiving country. Most electronic devices such as computers, CDs and DVDs must have a legitimate serial number along with a proof-of-purchase date.
  • Finally, make sure that the pallet has been properly packed. That means everything must be secure, with nothing sticking over the edges. Engines, like any other item that could cause a spill, must be be fully drained before being loaded. If the driver sees that your engine is still carrying oil, your load will not be accepted onto the truck, where it could wreak havoc among the other loads that are on board.


There are things that can be shipped on a pallet and things that can’t. Be aware of what you can’t deliver as well. Steer clear of guns, drugs, pornography and animals. You don’t want to be caught trying to get these particular items across borders or international waters.

Pallet deliveries are in many cases the most convenient and reliable form of shipping. Stack what you can and secure with shrink wrap and you can send almost anything you want. Ship anything from a motor engine to a pallet of coffee or tea. Moving for uni? Pack it on a pallet.

Check the rules for receiving countries, get all the proper information before scheduling a pickup, and have your pallet carefully packed before the pickup driver’s arrival.

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