Things You Might Not Know about Sober Homes

Addiction Recovery in a Sober Living Home

When people suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction, they may use a variety of methods to control their addictive behavior and work towards sobriety. These methods may include 12 step programs, counseling, medications and, in some cases, sober living treatment. Sober living treatment consists of a program where addicts can live together in a residence that is free of drugs and alcohol.

Many people report that sober living programs are a very effective way to treat drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, a study from the National Institute of Health confirmed that a sober living program can help addicts stay away from negative influences and achieve progress as they work towards sobriety.

What Is a Sober Living Program?Things You Might Not Know about Sober Homes

Sober living programs can take many forms. In most cases, these programs are conducted in a residence where multiple people with addiction problems can live under the supervision of one or more trained staff members. Most sober living facilities have connections with law enforcement agencies and recovery programs in the local area.

Many people are referred to a sober living home as part of a recovery program or as part of a court order. In these cases, a person will enroll at a sober living facility for a period of time, usually three to 12 months. While living at the facility, the residents are expected to abide by a set of rules:

  • No drugs or alcohol on the premises at any time
  • Random drug tests may be conducted at any time
  • A requirement to hold a steady job or apply for employment
  • Participation in 12 step meetings or recovery programs

Most sober living facilities require their residents to pay rent in order to keep the program running. The amount of the rent can vary from one facility to another. However, it is usually similar to the cost of renting a normal apartment or room in the local area.

In some cases, health insurance will cover some or all of the cost of rent. If not, some sober living facilities offer discounted rent or payment programs.

Do Sober Living Programs Actually Work?

Studies have shown that people who stay in sober living facilities while attending a recovery program and keeping steady employment have a higher chance of maintaining sobriety. These studies have also indicated that people who are struggling with addiction who live in negative environments where drugs and alcohol are present may be less likely to get and stay sober.

Sober living facilities offer a lot of advantages. Residents can experience what it’s like to live from day to day without using drugs or alcohol in a supportive environment. They can also get plenty of help and support from a recovery program and from keeping a steady job.

This combination of benefits is very powerful for anyone struggling with addiction. It can be difficult to work towards sobriety completely on your own. Seeking professional, experienced help is a guaranteed way to improve and increase your chances for obtaining and maintaining sobriety.

How Do I Find a Sober Living Facility?

Sober living programs can be found in many cities and towns. If there is not one in your local area, chances are that one is located in a large city or town nearby. Finding one is easier than you think. Some sober living facility may offer transportation services for residents who live a considerable distance away from the home.

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