The World’s Weirdest Bars You Have to See to Believe

Most people don’t put much thought into where they get their nightly drinks from. After all, so long as the bartender is serving up the booze, the surroundings are just an accessory.

However, there are those people that are always on the lookout for something trendy, cool, or all out outrageous. And that’s why we’re here today to share with your some of the weirdest bars in the world.

1. Alux Restaurant Lounge

Located within a 10,000 year old cave, this unique dining and bar experience is one you’ll be talking about for years to come. Join nearly 250 diners, enjoy haute cuisine, and of course, choose from the many national and international wines and spirits available to make your night one to remember.

And don’t forget to try their exotic Mayan cocktails and sit on the natural rock seats.

2. Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Sitting in the middle of the ocean, and surrounded by pelicans, this beautiful yet unusual bar first started out as a hangout place for local fisherman just offshore in the Caribbean Sea. However, as time passed and people found out about this gem, the Pelican Bar began serving up beer and grub for all to enjoy.

If you ever find yourself vacationing in Jamaica, make sure to check out this cool hut styled bar. And enjoy the boat ride. After all, that’s the only way to get there!

3. ICEBAR Stockholm

If you’re into staying chilly, and happen to be in Stockholm, be sure to stop by ICEBAR Stockholm and get your drink on. As the world’s first permanent ice bar, expect to enjoy delicious cocktails and fun activities like ice sculpting, dinner, and private parties.

Curious to know how it works? Every year ICEBAR’s interior and entire design is redone with fresh water from the Torne River by professional ice sculptors. It stays open year round, is kept at an icy 19 degree Fahrenheit, and even the glasses that your drinks are served in are made of crystal clear ice.

4. Blue Lagoon

At the Blue Lagoon not only can you enjoy the cocktail of your choice, you never have to leave the water, and you can even have spa treatments administered. And remember, the water is infused with algae thought to break down collagen, making you younger when you leave than when you entered.

5. Museum HR Giger Bar

As one of the most macabre bars in the world, the Museum HR Giger Bar in Gruyères, Switzerland is the perfect spot for the Halloween bash of the century. Built out of ancient vertebrae that criss cross the highly vaulted ceilings and line the walls, this ancient castle is reminiscent of being swallowed up and stuck inside the belly of a whale.

And if Switzerland is just a little too far away, be sure to check out the equally spooky House of Wax bar based right in New York City. Better yet, take the New York ATAP course and get a job serving up serving cocktails to adventurous beer and wine drinkers looking for a little fun!

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