The Technology Trends in Manufacturing in 2020

This year has seen some of the emerging trends of 2019 explode in both popularity and value. Now those brands in the manufacturing sector are benefiting from improved efficiency, a reduced environmental impact, and an industry awareness that would have been impossible even a few years ago. As one of the sectors that consistently proves to be one of the fastest to adopt and integrate new technologies, manufacturers need to keep up to date as much as possible in terms of what technology can do to improve business operations and management. As such, these are the tech trends of 2020 that every manufacturing firm needs to be aware of.

The Robot Revolution

Of course, the automated factory or manufacturing facility has been using robots for generations. What is changed is the intelligence of those robotic helpers. Now, robot workers in factories are smarter, much more mobile, and considerably safer than they used to be. Manufacturers are already making great use of robot workers, and that looks set to be one of the defining technologies of the workspace for the foreseeable future. In 2014 only 1.47 million robots were being used in factories worldwide. In 2020, that has doubled to over 3 million.

Wearable Technology for Employees

Handheld devices took the manufacturing world by storm because they gave site managers and business owners immediate access to all the information that they would ever need. Now though, handhelds are being slowly phased out. In their place is the rise of the wearable tech that every employee can use. Smartwatches and headsets that provide displayed information are vital for data sharing that skips over workflow interruptions without a worry.

Going Greener and More Sustainable

Everyone is working to reduce their carbon footprint, and green practices are now considered vital rather than something nice to have. There are many ways that technology is improving sustainability, but waste management is where it is being applied the most. That is because manufacturing companies are prone to waste production on a large scale. The growing use of dedicated waste compactors from companies like merely highlights the growing expectation of going greener and minimizing the manufacturing carbon footprint.

Cyber Threats and Responses

All businesses are vulnerable to cybercrime, and manufacturing companies need to pay attention to their cybersecurity. That is because manufacturers will have tighter profit margins and more data access required than other industries. Blockchain technology is changing the game of cybersecurity, and manufacturers are proving quick to adopt this previously suspicious method of keeping data safe. As the blockchain becomes more accepted, it is set to be one of the next significant shifts in online safety across every business sector.

The manufacturing world is quick to change, and keeping up with those changes can be all that stands between you and your competitors. By keeping aware of how technology can help you cut costs and improve the way that you run your facilities, it’s never been more important to be aware of the latest tech trends and how they can boost your business.

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