The Silent Struggle

A group of friends, who had no time to catch up, walked one by one into the little park where they had spent their childhood. After hugs and squeals of joy that marked their reunion, everyone settled down on the fresh green lawn.

They talked about school days, college, work, and finally their families. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat, when the topic shifted to pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. She found herself out of place. The topics she detested to talk about were staring hard. Her days had been busy with deadlines, late night conference calls and travel. Suddenly, a year after they decided to start a family, her successful and well-planned days seemed out of control. The bitter truth of not becoming pregnant kept haunting her.

Infertility is a bitter truth that makes couples shaky. Despite the advancements in medical sciences that spark rays of hope in couples, the trauma that couples experience is unimaginable. Let us look at some emotional scenarios that couples face and how they can handle them effectively.

  • Infertility involves delicate situations in the family. Couples hate participating in family gatherings because they are bombarded with various questions, such as:
    • Are you taking some treatment?
    • Why the delay?

And, the list goes on.

Solution: Be brave and curb further questions coming your way by mentioning that you are consulting the best obstetrician and following his/her suggestions.

  • Infertility dips the self-esteem of couples. Handling medical treatments, uncertainties and emotional ups and downs make couples extremely depressed and they lock themselves in a cocoon of their own.

Solution: Although it is easier said than done, focus on relaxing, holidaying, planning weekend getaways and working towards reducing your anxiety and depression. Meditation, listening to pleasant music, or just a walk in the mornings and evenings can help you calm down and spark that excitement of planning your pregnancy all over again.

  • You’ve been trying hard to conceive, but facing failure month after month is frustrating. Infinite thoughts about conception run in your head. As pregnancy involves personal decisions, and so you decide not to discuss publicly.

Solution: There are many couples handling infertility and there are innumerable resources available to help you. Your first step would be to step into a maternity care clinic and talk to the doctor who can help you find the best solution.

If you are struggling with infertility, remember that there is always a solution. Get inspired by couples who have been strong, handled emotional struggles silently, and finally become proud parents.

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