The Risk Of Putting Petrol In a Diesel Car

Have you ever made the mistake of putting petrol in a diesel car? Well over 150,000 motorists make the same mistake every year in the UK.

This wide spread problem has become a everyday scenario for many motorists around the country as they pour thousands of liters of petrol into diesel engines every day.

petrol in diesel car

If you have made the mistake of putting petrol in a diesel car, you need to get in contact with a petrol in diesel car drainage specialist. Here’s how they will resolve your problem, first the wrong fuel needs to be drained from the vehicle ensuring that all traces of petrol have been removed from the diesel car.

Once this is done they will then need to flush the system, this is normally done with a cleaner or fresh diesel fuel. They will pump a small quantity of fuel around the system to lubricate the seals and pump to ensure proper operation.

Once this has been done the vehicle can finally be filled with diesel and the fuel lines are then primed to ensure no air bubbles remain in the system.

The petrol in diesel technician will then proceed to start the vehicle and diagnose any problematic parts that may have been damaged from mis-fueling.

All of this happens in quite a speedy time frame and they can normally get your vehicle back on the road within 1 hour.

There are many fuel drain companies that you might find but we recommend the first and best in the trade, Wrong Fuel Recovery based in London.

With their full UK coverage and experienced engineers, they will have your vehicle back on the road in the shortest possible time for the best price.

So what are the chances of damage to my engine?

Well this is a very broad question and it will completely depend on your circumstances. For example, the damage is dependent on how much of a mixture of petrol and diesel is in the car, if its been driven, the make and model of the vehicle and how old the vehicle is. All of these may impact the damage created by putting the wrong fuel in your car.

If you have driven the vehicle before realizing you have put the wrong fuel in it, do not panic! Wrong Fuel Recovery can still help to get you back on the road. Call them now for immediate assistance on 0800 772 3842 for a fast and affective wrong fuel drain service.

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