The Real Truth About Christmas

Have you ever did Some Questions  about Christmas? From the time you first located to be had in reality have become no Santa Claus, did you ever query various factors of this wonderful vacation ? Did you ever wonder in which Christmas got here from? Why have a Christmas tree? Where did the idea of Santa Claus originate? Why is that this day celebrated on the twenty fifth of December?   What do those form of symbols and festivities virtually propose? What’s God ‘s angle on this stuff? In case you were surprised while you first observed the reality about Santa Claus, you will be even more surprised via the rest of the tale.


As stunning as it’d sound, there is now not whatever Christian about Christmas.  It become men who created the phrase “Christmas” from the phrase “Mass of Christ.” in this way, Christ’s name came to be associated with this excursion and tens of hundreds of thousands have come to don’t forget it is a Christian observance.  The reality is this excursion, with the same symbols and ceremonies, turned into practiced many centuries before Jesus became ever born. In fact, it did now not turn out to be a part of professing Christianity until loads of years after the Savior’s crucifixion and ascension to heaven.


This fact is confirmed through the testimony of each religious and secular authorities. The 1911 version of the Catholic Encyclopedia illustrates that Christmas did no longer originate in Palestine however instead in Egypt.


Christmas come to be not some of the earliest fairs of the Church…The number one proof of the dinner party is from Egypt… Pagan customs centering throughout the January calends gravitated to Christmas.


The birthday party of Christmas turn out to be now not embraced at a few degree in the days of the apostles or the early New testomony church. Consider the words of the Encyclopedia Americana, 1944 version which states:


Christmas… Changed into, steady with many authorities, no longer celebrated within the first centuries of the Christian church, as the Christian utilization in sizeable emerge as to rejoice the loss of life of extraordinary human beings in place of their begin.


Biblical government and secular historians agree that the birthday party of Christ’s delivery did no longer enter the church till loads of years after Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. It was no longer till the 5th century that the Roman Catholic Church ordered these days to be celebrated. Moreover, the church directed this birthday party to take vicinity on the same day as the pagan opposition committed to worshiping the solar god.

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