The Most Effective Carpet and Rug Cleaning Techniques

Having a carpet or a rug turns your home into a cozy and warm place. But sooner or later each of them comes to the point where it must be cleaned. Filthy spots, wine or chocolate stains, pets and children ruining your favourite carpeting – everyone with a carpet has had at least one of these problems. Returning a fabric to its previous fresh look is a hard work to do by yourself. There are special cleaning methods which should be implemented in order to deliver professional results. As professional carpet cleaners in Whitechapel we know exactly how to guarantee perfect results for your carpets. Now we’ll give you a sneak of how the real experts do this kind of work.

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Steam Carpet and Rug Cleaning

When it comes to filth, dirt, grime and hard to be removed stains we turn to the old fashioned steam cleaning. In the professional circles this is the most common way of treating carpets, rugs and even upholstery.

This method utilizes special hot water extraction machines. They are actually the secret to a job well done. Of course, the professionals who operate them are equally important. The first step is for the water to be poured in the machine and then we wait until it reaches the right temperature to produce steam. During this short time all visible stains are carefully pre-treated in order to ensure their complete removal. The next step is injection of the steam into the fabric. Once the cleaner does this, he extracts 95% of the moisture along with all the dirt. Leaving the 5% moisture to dry naturally ensures that no damage will be done to the fabric due to overheating. This cleaning method is very effective and delivers professional results thanks to the highly efficient equipment used during its implementation.

Dry Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Maybe you think that cleaning sensitive materials such as Oriental or Persian rugs is a challenge. Well not for the real experts! There is a special method used exactly for these kinds of fabrics. Its name is Dry Cleaning. While this process cannot clean very old stains, it is perfect for freshening your carpeting and promises that no harm will be done to your favourite rugs.

It’s easy to guess that this cleaning procedure does not include water. Here powder and spray products are used. Again the specialists pre-treat all stains in order to do everything possible to remove them.

The next step is to distribute a cleaning powder onto the fabric and scrub it with a special brush. In this way all the dirt and grime attach to the powder and they are then easily vacuumed off the rug.

This cleaning technique is ideal for fabrics that are not water resistant such as sisal or seagrass.

Both of the cleaning methods include examination of the fabric of your rug or carpet so we know the exact type of the material and thus choose the ideal method and detergents for it.

After getting familiar with how real experts do the carpet and rug cleaning you may wonder how much it will cost you. Don’t worry! The prices for carpet cleaning may be very affordable if you choose the right company. Don’t waste your time wondering how to manage the cleaning of your own – leave it in professional hands!

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