The Interesting/Random Facts That You Want To Know About Google

Google is the most popular and powerful search engine in the world. Google can handle so many things differently all at once, that are hard to keep track of. Google is most visited website on the internet world wide. There are very few people who haven’t heard of google. Google has a great sense of humor also. Here are interesting fun facts about Google that you may want to know.

# Lary Page and Sergey Brin are well-known as the “Google Guys” who first met at Stanford University in 1995. The company was first formed as a private company on September 4, 1998, and held its preliminary public offering on August 19, 2004. The mission of Google is to organize the world’s information so as to make it universally accessible.

#The name ‘Google’ was actually misspelled by the original founder Sean Anderson. He suggested Page and Brin to name their site as “googolplex”, Page shorten the name to “googol” which means 1 is followed by 100 zeros. But Anderson made a spelling mistake and accidentally named “googol” as “Google”.


#Google has the largest network of translators in the world, also have continuously running labs that monitors how the result page is used by the users. The continuous user testing has shown that a small number of people are very typical of the larger user base. In order  to handle its daily operations, which are over 1 Billion search requests, Google uses over 1 million computers. Google consider more than 200 factors before bringing you the best results in a fraction of seconds.

#The Google was known as “BackRub,” when it was still a research project. It was first stored on 10 4GB hard drives in a LEGO casing. Stanford University now showcases the original google storage made in 1996. The google guys stated that the LEGO design would let them expand the storage capacity. The index now has over 100 million GB of data. The Google’s early version at Stanford could only search and analyze 30-50 pages per second. Presently, Google can handle millions of pages a second.


#The most important reason why the Google home page is so sparse, is that the founders didn’t know HTML and wanted a quick interface. The submit button was taking long time to return, so hitting the RETURN key was the only key to bring life into Google. The number of words on the home page of Google should not be more than 28, as insisted by Page and Brin.

#During Initial Public Offering in August 2004, when it went public for the first time with an initial price of its stock was $85 per share. Google stated that it hoped to raise as much as $2,718,281,828, which is the first 10 digits of the mathematical constant “e”, but it raised $1.67 billion.


#The first Google doodle was an out-of-office message in 1998, when Brin and Page were traveling to Nevada for the Burning Man festival. The Burning man doodle was designed by the Google guys to let their users know that they were out of the office and couldn’t fix any tech issues. The famous home page “doodles” which are changing graphic logos are enjoyed by its users around the world to mark a special event or anniversary.


#Google’s Logo was not centered until March 31, 2001. As we all know that Google is famous for using various classic designs for Home Page. As shown in the picture the home page had a bias to the left-hand side.


#The Google’s website traffic was instantly doubled when they introduced their much improved spell checker to create “Did you mean…” feature. Further, they discussed how to place that information and found that the bottom of the results was the most effective area to place that information.

# The first ever message/tweet sent by Google in 2009, was, “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010”. It is a well known phrase from the Google’s home page, which actually reads as- I’m feeling lucky. It was written in binary form.


This well-known phrase- I’m feeling lucky, was just a comfort button that users wanted to keep and it’s never used. However, in order to remove this button it was found in trials that Google will reduce its experience.


#It is estimated that Google uses 20 petabytes of data each day, generated by users. Here, 1 petabyte is equal to 10 to the 15th power, which is a massive amount of computations done every day to process the search results.

# According to critics, Google knows more than what your mother knows about you. The Google can save all your searching queries, IP address of your computer, your browser information according to date, time and language you set, the information about the cookies, third party application data. Google knows your schedule, what books you read or  videos you watch, or, music you listen, if you use Google Calendar.


# Google has its own bikes parked out in the Googleplex for the employees to ride from one building to another building and these bikes are never locked. The “googler”/employee can have a regular checkup at the campus. Also, they are given “20% time”, one day in the week to work on things that interest them.


#Googleplex has many wonderful sights to be seen, but the most attractive is the enormous T-Rex skeleton frame. Google’s pet is named Stan, which lives at Mountview, California headquarters. The Google guys/founders brought this to remind Googlers not to let Google go extinct.


# Google became world’s largest and most popular search engine in June 2000. Google added new language, Klingon in Feb 2002, that became one of its’ 72 language interfaces. The Oxford English Dictionary added Google as a verb in June 2006. The Google’s total assets were $57.851 billion dollars in 2010. Google received a record of 75,000 job applications for 6,000 openings in just one week in Feb 2011.

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