The Importance of Pest Control Services for your Income Property

As a landlord, your utmost responsibility is providing a safe and clean environment for your tenant. Aside from normal maintenance and care, the landlord should be having a monthly pest control service to the property. Depending on what area of the United States the property is located in and the climate, there may be a need for more intensive pest control. In states that have a harsh winter, the insect population gets killed off. In other states that have a warmer climate, temperatures don’t drop low enough to kill the insects. Warmer states may also have problems with lizards or snakes, and the termite population is much worse in those states.

There have been some instances where sometimes landlords don’t want to take responsibility for an infestation that has occurred in the property after the tenants have moved in. Moxie Services treats all kinds of pest problems, including but not limited to spiders, cockroaches, ants, and flies. believes that controlling pest problems doesn’t just take care of the pest themselves, but helps to improve people’s lives. Tenants should also do what they can to prevent a pest infestation. Taking measures such as not leaving food out and cleaning the kitchen may help prevent cockroaches. This generally applies if it’s a single residence. If you live in an apartment building or a multi-family home, it may be more difficult to prevent the spread of cockroaches as especially if they’re in other units in the building. In this case, the whole building must be treated, the exterior perimeter should be sprayed and in the heating ducts. Keeping the thermostat turned lower than usual will help too. The outside of the building must be checked for holes or cracks. To stop a pest infestation you have to stop their point of entry.

Another animal that can do a lot of damage to the exterior structure of an apartment building or a house is birds. Especially in apartment buildings where the cooling units are placed on the roof, birds can do extensive damage. Raccoons and squirrels are two more pests that can do damage in a house. Raccoons and squirrels can make their way into the attic of the property, chewing up insulation and wires, that may require a lot of money to repair.

If there is an ongoing problem with any type of pest whether it be insects, mice, raccoons or snakes the landlord should hire a professional pest control service. A professional pest control service can come to your income property and do an initial walkthrough to see what the best approach would be to dealing with your particular pest problem. They will come up with a plan, whether it is setting live traps, poison or bait. They will then come back and do a follow-up visit after a week or two to make sure that whatever measures they are taking are effective. There are times that even if a landlord is having a building professionally treated once per month, there may still be mice present. In this case, you may need to have the service come more often than once a month. An inspection of the exterior, the plumbing system, and the electrical system may be necessary. you have to identify where they’re coming from.

If the problem you are facing is bed bugs, then you have to make sure that all furniture, rugs, carpets, curtains, and other soft materials are treated.

For items that can go in the washing machine, make sure that you wash them in the hottest possible setting. For furniture that’s light enough to carry outside, set the furniture in the sun. To keep bed bugs from returning, you need to make sure that all clothing is washed.

Bed bugs can be treated without the use of heart harsh chemicals, but bed bugs will die after exposure to 118 degrees fahrenheit for a total of 90 minutes or longer, or they will die immediately if the temperature is above 122 degrees fahrenheit. This can be done through a steam treatment. It is better to call a professional company to ensure that every area of the house gets treated. Pest control services not only help keep your income property clean and safe, but it also helps to ensure that you can keep your tenants happy.

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